Slime mould collection

Type specimen of the slime mould Badhimia foliicola

Type specimen of the slime mould Badhimia foliicola. Collected by Arthur Lister, together with his daughter Guillerma. Arthur Lister is the author of the book: A monograph of the Mycetozoa: a descriptive catalogue of the species in the Herbarium of the British Museum.

The Museum’s slime mould collection has a global scope and was the foundation for the book Monograph of the Myzetozoa by A and G Lister.


This monograph is one of the most important historic publications on slime mould taxonomy and biogeography and continues to be of major relevance.

Later significant additions were made with collections mainly from TJ Howard and C L Champion.


  • A and G Lister
  • T J Howard
  • C L Champion

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