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The NaturePlus Forums will be offline from mid August 2018. The content has been saved and it will always be possible to see and refer to archived posts, but not to post new items. This decision has been made in light of technical problems with the forum, which cannot be fixed or upgraded.

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has contributed to the very great success of the forums and to the community spirit there. We plan to create new community features and services in the future so please watch this space for developments in this area. In the meantime if you have any questions then please email:

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The Images of Nature art gallery has reopened with the new collection of Indian artwork for 2013.


gallery indian 1.JPG


Our Item of the Month blog will focus specifically on this new display. But in the meantime come a take a look for yourself and let us know what you think. The gallery has a new theme each year and within the year artwork is changed every three months. So there is always something new to catch your eye!


My favourite new addition is the pangolin!


As well as the watercolours, there are interactive touch screens enabling you to learn more about the collections and the importance of art to science.


Sunoj D a contemporary artist was invited to interpret the historical collections and create his own works, these can be seen alongside the NHM Library collections in the gallery.


Also included in the gallery are oil paintings and a full sized reproduction of the William Smith geological map.


Find out more about the gallery


gallery indian 2.JPG


The Library catalogue is available online at Library catalogue

If you wish to view these or any other items, please contact the library to arrange an appointment or 020 7942 5460



Anthropology / Palaeontology



The human past : world prehistory & the development of human societies / edited by Chris Scarre.
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The archaeology of the dead : lectures in archaeothanatology / Henri Duday ; translated by Anna Maria Cipriani and John Pearce.
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Ornithology (Tring)

The birds of Durham / edited by Keith Bowey and Mark Newsome ; species texts by Paul Anderson ... [et al.] ; with the editorial assistance of Tony Armstrong ... [et al.].
[Durham] : Durham Bird Club, 2012.


Encyclopedia of pigeon breeds, by Wendell M. Levi.
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A monograph on the Phyllobothriidae (Platyhelminthes, Cestoda) : tapeworms of elasmobranchs. Part III / by Timothy R. Ruhnke
Lincoln, Neb. : University of Nebraska State Museum, 2011


CARE AND DISPLAY OF BOOKS WORKSHOP - Monday 15th April 2013. The Natural History Museum, London. *LIMITED SPACES AVAILABLE*


This workshop introduces the key elements of good practice for the care and display of books through a series of presentations, videos and practical sessions.  This introductory course, led by NHM  Library staff, is suitable for Library staff and Archivists and all those with responsibility for book collections.



Subjects included in the workshop:


•         Threats to Library collections

•         The structure of books

•         Book curation

•         Basic book repair

•         Bindings: materials and spine structures

•         Temporary book display



Venue: Natural History Museum

Time: 10.00am – 5.00pm.


The course fee of £175 includes tea, coffee and lunch. Please advise us of any special dietary requirements.



Please contact us for a booking form:


Kouroush Sharifi

Library & Archives

The Natural History Museum


Audit closure March 2013: The Library & Archives will be closed to visitors from 18th – 22nd March 2013. We will re-open to external visitors on Tuesday 26th March.


We apologise for any inconvenience caused.


It is your last chance to see the First Fleet artwork currently on display in our Images of Nature gallery. The gallery closes from Monday 25th February and reopens on Wednesday 27th February with a brand NEW theme.


Indian artwork will be the theme for the next year, and every three months the artwork on display will be changed. This enables visitors to see other examples from our sizeable collection and allows us to protect our collections from any potential environmental damage such as light or temperature.


There will be a blog in March all about the forthcoming theme and examples of the items to be displayed, but in the meantime here is an taster to wet your appetite!




Amorphophallus bulbifer, voodoo lily

NHM Picture Library image reference: 040242


Plate 1109 from the Fleming Indian Drawings Collection, c. 1795-1805.


The Library catalogue is available online at Library catalogue

If you wish to view these or any other items, please contact the library to arrange an appointment or 020 7942 5460


Anthropology / Palaeontology



Piltdown : 100 years on : abstract book / convenor : Richard T.J. Moody
Geological Society of London 2012.
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Atlas of developmental field anomalies of the human skeleton : a paleopathology perspective / Ethne Barnes.
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Vilnius : Geologijos institutas, 2000.
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Trilobites of China
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E DIPTERA A.51 Sect. B.




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Ornithology (Tring)


The dodo and the solitaire : a natural history / Jolyon C. Parish.
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Shells of Antarctica / Winfried Engl
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The Library catalogue is available online at Library catalogue

If you wish to view these or any other items, please contact the library to arrange an appointment or 020 7942 5460


Anthropology / Palaeontology



Ordovician of the world / Gutierrez-Marco, Juan Carlos
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Monsters in the Library


by Lisa Di Tommaso (Special Collections Librarian)



Ulisse Aldrovandi (1522-1605) was a true Renaissance man who studied law, philosophy, logic and mathematics at the universities of Bologna and Padua. He was one of the great innovators of the study of nature during this period.


Ulyssis Aldrvandi- Monstrorum Historia-002-050213 - edit.jpgAldrovandi image 2.jpg


Aldrovandi established one of the most acclaimed curiosity cabinets in European history, containing more than 18,000 specimens, according to his written description from 1595. He was a believer in observing the species of study and he was an advocate for accurate illustrations in natural history books. His aim was to accurately identify and describe as large an amount of animals, plants and minerals that was possible and with the advancement of travel, new plant species and animals were being discovered all the time.



He travelled as much as he could in order that he could observe species for himself. He had his own museum which was a centre of study and research for him and his students. His watercolour and tempera collection totalled 8,000. He would commission artists and hire painters, and he also received many drawings as gifts.



Aldrovandi image 3.jpg

Aldrovandi image 4.jpg




Aldrovandi wrote roughly 400 volumes on natural history. Getting the work published was tougher though, and only a handful of his books were printed during his lifetime. One of the few was Monstrorum Historia: cum paralipomenis historiae omnium animalium, 1642 ("A history of monsters with the addition of the history of all animals"), a compendium of reported human and animal abnormalities.



The book includes accounts not only of malformed natural births but also of entirely imaginary monsters. Despite his dedication to scientific accuracy, this sort of juxtaposition was common at the time, since there was not as yet a distinction between the literary and the scientific. If a given monster had been described by previous authors it was considered proper and erudite to mention it, whether or not it was actually real.


Upon his death Aldrovandi’s museum was bequeathed to the city of Bologna and became the city’s first public museum.


Aldrovandi image 5.jpg