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Monday 19th December 2011


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Erythacus rubecula, European robin by John Gould
Plate 48 from The Birds of Great Britain, Vol. 2 (1873)


Image ref: 005648


The Library catalogue is available online at

If you wish to view these or any other items, please contact the library to arrange an appointment or 020 7942 5460






The flora of North Stradbroke Island / K. Stephens & D. Sharp.
[Brisbane, Qld.] : State of Queensland, Environmental Protection Agency, 2009.
581.9(943) STE

Medicinal plants of South Africa / Ben-Erik Van Wyk, Bosch Van Oudtshoorn, Nigel Gericke.
2nd ed.
Pretoria : Briza Publications, 2009.
615.10(68) WYK

The orchids of Mount Kinabalu / Jeffrey J. Wood ... [et al.] ; in collaboration with Reed S. Beaman, Rimi Repin and Jaap J. Vermeulen.
Kota Kinabalu : Natural History Publications (Borneo) ; Kew : In association with Royal Botanic Gardens, 2011.
581.9(595) WOO Q

Katalog tipovykh obraztsov sosudistykh rastenii vostochnoi azii, khraniashchikhsia v gerbarii Botanicheskogo Instituta im V. L. Komarova (LE). Chast' 1, Laponiia i Koreia / editor-in chief : A. E. Grabovskaya-Borodina
Mosow - St. Petersburg : KMK Scientific Press, 2010.
58.005 KOM STP

Algae of Ukraine : Diversity, nomenclature, taxonomy, ecology and geography. Vol.3, Chlorophyta / edited by Petro M. Tsarenko, Solomon P. Wasser & Eviatar Nevo.
Ruggell : A.R.A. Gantner Verlag K.-G., 2010.
ALGAE 582.26 TSA

Lichens : an illustrated guide to the British and Irish species / Frank S. Dobson.
6th rev. and enl. ed.
Slough : Richmond Pub. Co., 2011.

Guía Darwin de las plantas de los Cerrados de la Chiquitania / John R.I. Wood (editor) ; [auctores: Fabiana Mamani ... [et al.]
Santa Cruz, Bolivia : Museo de Historia Natural "Noel Kempff Mercado", 2011.
581.9(84) WOO Q

The Ambonese herbal : being a description of the most noteworthy trees, … &c. / by Georgius Everhardus Rumphius ; translated, annotated and with an introduction by E.M. Beekman.
New Haven [Conn.] : Yale University Press, 2011.
615.10(595P431) RUM Q





Insects in Chongqing Municipality / Chen, Bin
[Beijing] : [Science Press] ; 2010
73H o CHE

Blackflies of South India : with a special aspect of Onchocerciasis / Anbalagan, S.
New Delhi : A.P.H. Pub.Corp., 2011

Zhongguo Beifang Yaowen Youchong = Tendipes in the North of China / Wang, Juncai
[China] ; 2011

Chalcidoidea and Chrysidoidea Fauna in the Northeast China / Fang, Hong
Beijing : Beijing Normal University Publishing Group ; 2010

A cladistic study of the Arctiidae (Lepidoptera) by using characters of immatures and adults / Jacobson, N. L.
Lanham: Entomological Society of America, 2002
MACROLEPIDOPTERA J.30The Maltese countryside : a pictorial guide to the flora of the Maltese Islands / Guido Bonett and Joe Attard.




Biodiversity, biogeography and nature conservation in Wallacea and New Guinea. Vol. 1 / Dimitry Telnov, executive editor
Riga : The Entomological Society of Latvia, 2011
L 77A q BIO

Cruise handbook for Svalbard / Bjørn Fossli Johansen (ed.), Kristin Prestvold & Øystein Overrein.
Tromsø : Norwegian Polar Institute, 2011.





Animal behavior desk reference : a dictionary of animal behavior, ecology, and evolution / Edward M. Barrows.
3rd ed. Boca Raton : Taylor & Francis, 2011.

Fishes : the animal answer guide / Gene Helfman and Bruce Collette.
Baltimore : Johns Hopkins University Press, 2011.
Z 22 o HEL

Dvustvorchatye molliuski Belogo Moria : opyt ekologo-faunisticheskogo analiza : =Clams of the White Sea : ecological and faunistic analysis / A.D. Naumov
Sankt-Peterburg : ZoologicheskiÄ­ Institut R.A.N., 2006.

Identification manual for common turtles and tortoises / the Endangered Species Import and Export Management Office of the People's Republic of China.
Beijing : China Forestry Pub. House, [2002?]

Zhongguo mao yi gui lei jian suo tu jian = Identification manual for traded turtles in China / Shi Haitao deng bian zhu.
Beijing : Zhongguo da bai ke quan shu chu ban she, 2008.

Due to building works our public Reading Room service will move and as a result the number of visitors that we can accommodate will be reduced.


Please contact the Library for further details if you were planning on making an appointment during this period.

020 7942 5460


The Library catalogue is available online.

If you wish to view these or any other items, please contact the library to arrange an appointment - library(at) or 020 7942 5460.



Anthropology / Palaeontology


Proceedin[g]s of the 7th Romanian Symposium on Paleontology, Cluj-Napoca, 22-24 October 2009/ edited by Ioan I. Bucur, Emanoil Sasaran, Dana Pop
Cluj : Presa Universitara Clujeana, 2011
72V q ACT


Silurian fossils of the Pentland Hills, Scotland / edited by Euan K. Clarkson ... [et al.] ; technical editing by David J. Batten.
London : Palaeontological Association, 2007
P 72 Ab/2 o SIL




Flora Algarum Marinarum Sinicarum. Tomus II, Rhodophyta no. II : Acrochetiales, Nemaliales, Bonnemaisoniales / redactor principalis : C. K. Tseng ; authors : Zeng Chengkui ... [et al.]
Beijing : Ke xue chu ban she [Science Press], 2005.
ALGAE 582.273 ZHE


Zhongguo yin hua (bao zi) zhi wu ke shu ci dian = Zhongguo yinhua (baozi) zhiwu ke shu cidian / Zang Mu, Li Xingjiang zhu bian.
Beijing Shi : Gao deng jiao yu chu ban she, 2011.


Flora of the Guianas. Series A, Phanerogams. Fasc. 28, Leguminosae : subfamily 87. Mimosoideae / R.C. Barneby, J.W. Grimes & O. Poncy
Richmond, Surrey : Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, 2011.
581.9(88) GOR


Fern flora of Taiwan / Yea-Chen Liu, Wen-Liang Chiou, Ho-Yih Liu
Taipei, Taiwan : Taiwan Forestry Research Institute, 2009.
FERNS 582.35(51) LIU


Panarctic checklist : lichens and lichenicolous fungi / [Hörður Kristinsson, Mikhail Zhurbenko & Eric Steen Hansen].
Akureyri, Iceland : CAFF, 2010.


The last great plant hunt : the story of Kew's Millennium Seed Bank / Carolyn Fry, Sue Seddon and Gail Vines.
Richmond, Surrey : Kew Publishing, 2011.
502.7 FRY Q


Revision of <Eryngium> L. (Apiaceae-Saniculoideae) : general part and palaearctic species / by Arno Wörz
Stuttgart [u.a.] : Schweizerbart, 2011.
582.4P80 WOR Q




Exploring environmental history : selected essays / T.C. Smout.
Edinburgh : Edinburgh University Press, 2011.
L 10A o SMO

Ecossistemas costeiros do Espírito Santo : conservação e preservação / Luis Fernando Tavares de Menezes, Fábio Ribeiro Pires, Oberdan José Pereira, organizadores.
Vitória : EDUFES, 2007.
L 76D o ENC

Monsoon traders : the maritime world of the East India Company / H.V. Bowen, John McAleer, Robert Blyth.
London : Scala, cop. 2011.
L 85 o EAS

A user's guide to principal components / J. Edward Jackson.
Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley-Interscience, c2003.
L 93 o JAC

Multivariate statistical methods : a primer / Bryan F.J. Manly.
Boca Raton, FL : Chapman & Hall/CRC Press, c2005.
L 93 o MAN


Timescales of magmatic processes: from core to atmosphere / Anthony Dosseto, Simon P. Turner and James A.Van Orman
Wiley-Blackwell 2011
553.21 TIM  

Ornithology (Tring)

Action plan for the conservation of the Brazilian Merganser (Mergus octosetaceus) / Baz Hughes ... [et al.].
Brasília IBAMA 2006.
ORNITHOLOGY 88 HUG                        

The bird fancier : a journey to Peking / Alastair Morrison.
Canberra, Australia : Pandanus Books, Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies, Australian National University, c2001.
ORNITHOLOGY 96A MOR                       

The egg collectors of Great Britain & Ireland : an update, a compilation of information additional to the original book published in 2000 / by Andrew C. Cole and William M. Trobe.
Leeds : Peregrine Books, 2011.
ORNITHOLOGY 96 COL                        

Godwits : long-haul champions / Keith Woodley.
North Shore, N.Z. : Raupo, 2009.
ORNITHOLOGY 18(2C) WOO                    

National plan of action for the conservation of albatrosses and petrels / Tatiana Neves ... [et al.].
Brasília : IBAMA, 2006.
ORNITHOLOGY 88 NEV                        

Plano de Ação Nacional para a Conservação de Albatrozes e Petréis (Planacap) / Tatiana Neves
Brasilia, Brazil : ICMBio ; 2006.
ORNITHOLOGY 88 NEV                        

Plano de Ação Nacional para a Conservação de Aves de Rapina / Elisario Strike Soares
Brasilia, Brazil : ICMBio, 2008.
ORNITHOLOGY 88 SOA                        

Plano de Ação Nacional para a Conservação de Galliformes Ameaçadas de Extinção (aracuãs, jacus, jacutingas, mutuns e urus) / L. F. Silveira, E. S. Soares, C. A. Bianchi
Basilia, Brazil : ICMBio, 2008.
ORNITHOLOGY 88 SIL                        

Plano de Ação Nacional para a Conservação do Mutum-de-Alagoas (Miti mitu = Pauxi mitu)
Brasilia, Brazil ; ICMBio ; 2008.
ORNITHOLOGY 88 SIL                        

Plano de manjeo da arara-azul-de-lear (Anodorhynchus leari) Yara de Melo Barros ...[et al].
Brasília IBAMA 2006.


Rat Island : predators in paradise and the world's greatest wildlife rescue / by William Stolzenburg.
London : Bloomsbury, 2011.
Z 10J o STO

Die Tierwelt der Hohen Tauern hrsg. von der Nationalparkinstitut Hohe Tauern des Hauses der Natur. Eberhard Stüber/Norbert Winding Wirbeltiere
Innsbruck : Tyrolia-Verl., 2011.
Z 72M o STU

Illiustrirovannye opredeliteli svobodnozhivushchikh bespozvonochnykh evraziÄ­skikh moreÄ­ i prilezhashchikh glubokovodnykh chasteÄ­ Arktiki. Tom 2 = Illustrated keys to free-living invertebrates of Eurasian Arctic seas and adjacent deep waters. Vol. 2, Nemertea, Cephalorhyncha, Oligochaeta, Hirudinida, Pogonophora, Echiura, Sipuncula, Phoronida and Brachiopoda / edited by B.I. Sirenko
Moskva : KMK. Tovarishchestvo nauchnykh izdaniÄ­, 2010
Z 72Q o SIR

Moluscos del Mar de Bellinghausen (Anárctica) : observaciones y distribución de los gastrópodos con concha, bivalvos y escafópodos del Oeste de la Península Antártica, recolectados en las Campañas Antárticas Españolas BENTART 2003 Y 2006/ C. Aldea & J. S. Troncoso. 2010.

Field guide to snakes of the Pilbara, Western Australia / Brian Bush and Brad Maryan.
Welshpool DC : Western Australian Museum, 2011.

The eponym dictionary of reptiles / Bo Beolens, Michael Watkins, Michael Grayson.
Baltimore : Johns Hopkins University Press, 2011.

Posted on behalf of CAHR.


6 December 2011 - 7 December 2011


The Centre for Arts and Humanities Research (CAHR) at the Natural History Museum, London, welcomes everyone to this interdisciplinary conference to celebrate the World Collections Programme-funded partnership between the Natural History Museum, the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, and the British Library.


The conference will explore the history of botany and the exchange of materials in nineteenth century India. It will specifically explore the collections of Nathaniel Wallich (1786-1854), a major figure in the history and development of botany. We welcome everyone interested in natural history, art history, botany, South Asian studies, social history, history of the British Empire, museum studies and digital humanities to join us for this exciting conference.


Register for the conference by 20 November 2011. Full conference fee is £74.85. Day rate (Tuesday 6 December only) is £48.35.


The full conference fee includes:

  • Teas and coffees on both days, and a buffet lunch at the Natural History Museum on day one
  • Workshops to include private viewings of the Wallich collections at Kew Gardens on day two
  • A complimentary ticket for entry to Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew and a wine reception on day two

The Library catalogue is available online.

If you wish to view these or any other items, please contact the library to arrange an appointment - library(at) or 020 7942 5460.





An illustrated flora of North Cyprus : an essential guide to the wild flowers of the eastern Mediterranean / D.E. Viney.
Ruggell, Liechtenstein : A.R.G. Ganter Verlag ; Köenigstein, Germany : Distributed by Koeltz Scientific Books, 2011.
581.9(564.3) VIN

Plant discoveries 2007, 2008 and 2009  : new species, varieties and new records / Botanical Survey of India.
Calcutta : Botanical Survey of India, 2007, 2008, 2009.
581.9(54) GOV Q

Linneo a Bologna : l'arte della conoscenza = Linnaeus at Bologna : the art of knowledge : Bologna, Orto e Museo botanico, 22 ottobre 2007-31 gennaio 2008 / a cura di Donatella Biagi Maino e Giovanni Cristofolini.
Torino : Umberto Allemandi, [2007].

The cyclamen of Greece : a guide to the species of cyclamen growing in Greece / Peter Moore and Melvyn Jope
Surrey : The Cyclamen Society, 2011.
582.4P99 MOO

Aquatic plants of Pennsylvania : a complete reference guide / Timothy A. Block and Ann Fowler Rhoads ; illustrations by Anna Anisko.
Philadelphia : University of Pennsylvania Press, 2011.
581.9(748) BLO Q



The lepidoptera of the Brandberg Massif in Namibia. Memoir 4. Part 2 / Wolfram Mey (ed)
Schwanfeld : Delta Druck ; 2007

Buchreihe zur Entomologie : Esperiana Memoir 5 / Hacker, Hermann H.
Schwanfeld : Delta Druck ; 2010
SERIALS S 1309 AaThe Maltese countryside : a pictorial guide to the flora of the Maltese Islands / Guido Bonett and Joe Attard.




Seasonally dry tropical forests : ecology and conservation / edited by Rodolfo Dirzo  ... [et al.].
Washington : Island Press, c2011.
L 10E o SEA

Morphometrics with R / Julien Claude.
New York : Springer, c2008.
L 93 o CLA

Smoking coasts and ice-bound seas: Cook's voyage to the Arctic : catalogue to the exhibition at the Captain Cook Memorial Museum / with contributions from Glyndwr Williams ... [et al.].
Whitby : Captain Cook Memorial Museum, 2008.
L 96 q SMO

Ornithology (Tring)

Avian survivors : the history and biogeography of Palearctic birds / Clive Finlayson.
London : Poyser, 2011.
ORNITHOLOGY 10 FIN                        

The Norfolk cranes' story / John Buxton and Chris Durdin.
Sheringham : Wren, 2011.
ORNITHOLOGY 72Aa/9 BUX                    

Sandhill and whooping cranes : ancient voices over America's wetlands / Paul A. Johnsgard.
Lincoln : University of Nebraska Press, c2011.
ORNITHOLOGY 75C JOH                       

Vögel : die ornithologische Sammlung des Landesmuseum Natur und Mensch Oldenburg / Kay Fuhrmann, Carsten Ritzau.
[Birds: The ornithological collection of the Landesmuseum Natur und mensch Oldenburg, Germany (Aves)]
Darmstadt : Primus, 2011.
ORNITHOLOGY 97 LAN                        

Avifauna of the eastern Himalayas and southeastern sub-Himalayan mountains : center of endemism or many species in marginal habitats? / edited by Swen C. Renner and John H. Rappole.
Washington, D.C. : American Ornithologists' Union, 2011.
ORNITHOLOGY S 5101 E                      

Birds of Melanesia : The Bismarcks, Solomons, Vanuatu and New Caledonia. / by Guy Dutson.  Illustrated by Richard Allen, Adam Bowley, John Cox and Tony Disley.
London, : Christopher Helm, 2011.
ORNITHOLOGY 77B DUT                       

Birds of New Zealand, Hawaii and the Central and West Pacific / text and ill. by Ber van Perlo.
London : Collins, 2011.
ORNITHOLOGY 77 PER                        

Birds of North America and Greenland / by Norman Arlott.
London : Collins, 2011.
ORNITHOLOGY 75 ARL                        

Birds of Seychelles / Adrian Skerrett, Tony Disley.
London : Christopher Helm, cop. 2011.
ORNITHOLOGY 79 SKE                        

Guía de nidos de aves del Paraguay. / by Martín de la Peña. Illustración; Gabriela Arancio. Adaptación para Paraguay: Hugo del castillo y Arne Lesterhuis.
[Guide to nests of birds of Paraguay]
Asunción, Paraguay : Guyra Paraguay, 2010.
EGG PEN                                   

Hunting tactics of peregrines and other falcons / Dick Dekker.
Surrey, B.C. : Hancock House, c2009.
ORNITHOLOGY 18(1F) DEK                    

Die Vogelarten - The Bird Species, Charadriiformes : Systematik der Vogelarten und -unterarten der Erde - Systematics of the Bird Species and Subspecies of the world / Norbert Bahr.
Minden, Westf : CHRIST MEDIA NATUR, 2011.


Priority! : the dating of scientific names in ornithology / edited by Edward C. Dickinson, Leslie K. Overstreet, Robert J. Dowsett.
Eastbourne : Aves, 2011.
Z 18 q PRI

Shell houses and grottoes / Hazelle Jackson.
Princes Risborough : Shire, 2001.
Z 35 o JAC

Cosmopolitan earthworms: an eco-taxonomic guide to the peregrine species of the world / by Robert J. Blakemore
Yokohama : VermEcology So(i)lution, 2010.

Workshop on research and conservation of the genus <Sotalia> : book of abstracts / editors: Salvatore Siciliano ... [et al.]
Rio de Janeiro : Armação dos Búzios, 2006.

British seashells : a guide for collectors and beachcombers / Paul Chambers ; original Victorian illustrations by George Sowerby.
Barnsley : Remember When, 2009.

Amphibians, reptiles and turtles of the Cimarron National Grassland, Kansas / Joseph T. Collins, Suzanne L. Collins, Travis W. Taggart ; with photographs by Suzanne L. Collins.
[Washington, D.C.] : U.S. Forest Service , 2011

The Library catalogue is available online at

If you wish to view these or any other items, please contact the library to arrange an appointment or 020 7942 5460






RHS Plant Finder 2011-2012 / devised by Chris Philip and realised by Tony Lord ; editor-in-chief Janet Cubey ; RHS editors, James Armitage ; compiler Judith Merrick.
London : Dorling Kindersley, 2011.


Lichen flora of the Greater Sonoran Desert region. Vol. 3, (balance of the microlichens, and the lichenicolous fungi) / ed. by Thomas H. Nash III, Corinna Gries and Frank Bungartz
Tempe, Ariz. : Lichens Unlimited, Arizona State University, 2007.


The freshwater algal flora of the British Isles : an identification guide to freshwater and terrestrial algae / edited by David M. John, Brian A. Whitton, Alan J. Brook
2nd ed.
Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2011.
ALGAE 582.26(28:410) FRE Q




Phylogenetics : the theory of phylogenetic systematics / Wiley, E. O.
Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley-Blackwell, 2011
15 o WIL


Aracnidi sotteranei delle Alpi Occidentali italiane / Isaia, Marco
Torino : Museo Regionale di Scienze Naturali; 2011


Biology of snail-killing Sciomyzidae flies / Knutson, Lloyd Vernon
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2011




Wrestling with nature : from omens to science / edited by Peter Harrison, Ronald L. Numbers, and Michael H. Shank.
Chicago : University of Chicago Press, 2011.
L 3 o WRE


Africa as a living laboratory : empire, development, and the problem of scientific knowledge, 1870-1950 / Helen Tilley.
Chicago : University of Chicago Press, 2011.
L 74 o TIL


The lost photographs of Captain Scott : unseen photogrpahs from the legendary Antarctic Expedition  / David M. Wilson.
New York : Little, Brown and Company, 2011.
L 80 o WIL


Learning conversations in museums / edited by Gaea Leinhardt, Kevin Crowley, Karen Knutson.
Mahwah, N.J. : Lawrence Erlbaum, 2002.
L 84 o LEA





The afterlives of animals : a museum menagerie / edited by Samuel J.M.M. Alberti.
Charlottesville : University of Virginia Press, 2011.
Z 3A o AFT


Guía de campo de los mamíferos de Uruguay : introducción al estudio de los mamíferos / Enrique M. González.
[Montevideo, Uruguay] : Vida Silvestre, Sociedad Uruguaya para la Conservación de la Naturaleza, 2001.


Brasil mar das baleias (Brazil Sea of Whales)/ Márcia Engel, Enrico Marcovaldi.
São Paulo Bambu 2007.


Stadi di accrescimento del molluschi marini del Mediterraneo. Vol. 2; Stages of growth of the marine molluscs of the Mediterranean Sea. / M. Scaperrotta, S. Bartolini & C. Bogi
Ancona : L'Informatore Piceno, 2010


Identification guide to the seashells of South Africa / ed. by Alwyn P. Marais & Alan D. Seccombe.
Groenkloof : Centre for Molluscan Studies, 2010.


The Maltese countryside : a pictorial guide to the flora of the Maltese Islands / Guido Bonett and Joe Attard.
San Gwann, Malta : Publishers Enterprises Group (PEG), 2005.