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Due to a staff training event on Tuesday 5th July 2011, the Library will close to visitors earlier than usual, at 15.00.


We apologise for the short notice and any inconvenience that this may cause.


Thank you


The Library catalogue is available online at

If you wish to view these or any other items, please contact the library to arrange an appointment or 020 7942 5460





Vegetação e plantas do Cristalino : um manual / Denise Sasaki, Daniela Zappi, William Milliken, Gracieli da Silva Henicka, José H. Piva.

Alta Floresta, Brazil : Fundação Ecológica Cristalino : Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, 2010.

581.9(81) SAS


Field guide Afghanistan : flora and vegetation / S.-W. Breckle & M. D. Rafiqpoor

Bonn : Scientia Bonnensis, 2010.

581.9(581) BRE


Fifty plants that changed the course of history / written by Bill Laws.

Newton Abbot, Devon : David & Charles, 2010.

93 LAW


Guide des plantes protégées de Midi-Pyrénées / Conservatoire botanique national des Pyrénées et de Midi-Pyrénées ; [coordination générale de l'ouvrage: Nadine Lavaupot ; sous la direction de Gérard Largier, avec les contributions et le soutien de l'ensemble de l'équipe du Conservatoire].

Mèze : Biotope, 2010.



Biogeography, species diversity and stress tolerance of aquatic and terrestrial diatoms / Caroline Souffreau

Gent : Universiteit Gent, 2011.



Lietuvos raudonoji Knyga : Augalu bendrijos = Red data book of Lithuania : plant communities / Jurate Baleviciene ... [et al.]

Vilnius : Botanikos instituto leidykla, 2000.



Ilustre Cerrado : Anais do 3o. encontro nacional de ilustradores científicos e catálogo da 3a. exposição nacional de ilustração científica / Organizado por M Zenilton de Jesus Gayoso Miranda, Álvaro Evandro Xavier Nunes, Marcos Antonio dos Santos-Silva.

Brasília, DF : Associação dos Ilustradores Científicos do Centro-Oeste Brasileiro, 2010.

7.043 ZEN Q





Provisional atlas of the UK's larger moths / Hill, L

Wareham, Dorset : Butterfly Conservation ; 2011

72A o HIL


Porritt's lists : George T Porritt's 1883, 1904, 1907 & 1922 published lists of Yorkshire butterfly and moth records, reinterpreted for the 21st century / Porritt, George Taylor

[Wareham, Dorset] : Butterfly Conservation Yorkshire ; Yorkshire Naturalists' Union; 2011

72A o POR


A guide to the Lepidoptera of Japan / Furumi, Komai

Kanagawa, Japan : Tokai University Press, 2011

73I o FUR


Gardening for butterflies, bees and other beneficial insects : a how-to guide / Miller-Klein, Jan

Treffynnon : Saith Ffynnon Boks, 2010

81A o MIL



General Natural History


Island environments in a changing world / Lawrence R. Walker, Peter Bellingham.

Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2011.

L 10E o WAL


Marine macroecology / [edited by] Jon D. Witman and Kaustuv Roy.

Chicago : University of Chicago Press, 2009.

L 87 o WIT



Ornithology (Tring)


Analyses to assess the effectiveness of modifications to the BBS sampling design / authors: S.N. Freeman and Noble, D. G.

Thetford : British Trust for Ornithology, 2006.

ORNITHOLOGY S 103 M                     


Assessing potential disturbance events, activity patterns and reproductive success on territory placement in Stone Curlews at Porton Down / authors Ian Henderson and Mark Hulme

Thetford : British Trust for Ornithology, 2011.

ORNITHOLOGY S 103 M                     


Bird survey assessment for Bayer CropScience, Great Chishill / Authors: Gavin M. Siriwardena and Mark F. Hulme

Thetford, Norfolk : British Trust for Ornithology, 2011.

ORNITHOLOGY S 103 M                     


The BTO Barn Owl Monitoring Programme: final report 2000-2009 / authors: D. Dadam ... [et al.]

Thetford : British Trust for Ornithology, 2011.

ORNITHOLOGY S 103 M                     


A checklist of the birds of Norfolk / Keith Dye and Mick Fiszer

Norwich : Norfolk and Norwich Naturalists' Society, 2010.

ORNITHOLOGY 72Aa/9 DYE                  


An evaluation of bird populations on pea growers farms between 2007 and 2010 and relative to neighbouring farmland / author Ian Henderson

Thetford : British Trust for Ornithology, 2011.

ORNITHOLOGY S 103 M                     


The National Sea-watching Workshop, 11 November 2010: conclusions and recommendations / authors Chris B. Thaxter ... [et al.]

Thetford : British Trust for Ornithology, 2011.

ORNITHOLOGY S 103 M                       


Seeking refuge : birds and landscapes of the Pacific flyway / Robert M. Wilson ; foreword by William Cronon.

Seattle : University of Washington Press, c2010.

ORNITHOLOGY 75 WIL                      


Type specimens of birds in the American Museum of Natural History. Part 9, Passeriformes : Zosteropidae and Meliphagidae / Mary LeCroy.

[New York] : American Museum of Natural History, c2011.






We went to the zoo today-- : the golden age of zoo postcards / by Alan Ashby.

Todmorden: Independent Zoo Enthusiasts Society, 2009.

Z 85B o ASH


The IZES guide to British zoos & aquariums.

[S.l.] : IZES, 2009.

Z 85B o BRO


An illustrated history of Bristol Zoo Gardens / by Tim Brown, Alan Ashby, Christoph Schwitzer

Todmorden : IZES, 2011

Z 85B o BRO


Historical biogeography of neotropical freshwater fishes / edited by James S. Albert, Roberto E. Reis.

Berkeley : University of California Press, 2011.



LIFE and European mammals : improving their conservation status / [authors João Pedro Silva ... [et al.]].

Luxembourg : Publications Office of the European Union, 2011.

Z MAM 72 q LIF


Human impacts on seals, sea lions, and sea otters : integrating archaeology and ecology in the northeast Pacific / edited by Todd J. Braje and Torben C. Rick.

Berkeley : University of California Press, 2011.



Guide to Monogenoidea of freshwater fish of Palaeartic and Amur Regions / Paolo Galli, O.N. Pugachev, D. Kristy

Milano : Ledizioni-Ledipublishing, 2010

Z P.W. 41A GUI


darwin banner.jpg


The personal scientific library of Charles Darwin has been made available online for the first time via the Biodiversity Heritage Library – including notes and comments scribbled him on the pages and margins.


The digitisation of Darwin’s Library is a collaborative effort involving the NHM Library, the Darwin Manuscripts Project at the American Museum of Natural History, Cambridge University Library, and the Biodiversity Heritage Library.


Untitled-1 copy.jpg

View of Darwin's Library on the shelves at Downe House about 1876-77

(Image from Cambridge University Library)


These annotated books are now in the process of being digitized. The first phase of this project has just been completed, with 330 of the most heavily annotated books launched online at the Biodiversity Heritage Library for all to read.


Charles Darwin’s Library is a digital edition and virtual reconstruction of the surviving books owned by Charles Darwin. This BHL special collection draws on original copies and surrogates from other libraries. It also provides full transcriptions of his annotations and marks. In total, Darwin’s library amounted to 1480 books, of which 730 contain abundant research notes in their margins. In this first release (2011) 330 of the most heavily annotated books have been made available.  To support the project BHL has developed a new facility on the BHL website to feature special collections.


Because Darwin’s evolutionary theory covered so many aspects of nature, reading served him as a primary source of evidence and ideas.  Darwin once complained that he had become a ‘machine for grinding general laws out of large collections of facts’.


The pages of Darwin’s Library, smothered as they are in his tantalising scrawl, give us a direct view of the great Darwinian intellectual machine in action. With the Charles Darwin Library online, now everyone can retrace how Darwin systematically used reading to advance his science.

Most of Darwin’s personal library rests at Cambridge University Library and at Down House.  Although the majority of the books are scientific, some are humanities texts on subjects that Darwin transformed into scientific topics.


The series of transcriptions accompanying each page allows everyone to see which passages Darwin found relevant to his work, stimulated his thinking, or just annoyed him as he read the work of others.


For example, his friend Charles Lyell wrote in his famous Principles of Geology that there were definite limits to the variation of species. Darwin wrote alongside this: “If this were true adios theory”.  See the image below.




Final page of Volume 2 of
Lyell’s Principles of Geology (5th edition, 1837).
Note the annotation on the left page
“If this were true adios theory”
(Image from Cambridge University Library)



The online transcribed marginalia relies on the work of two scholars, Mario A. Di Gregorio and Nick Gill, published in the 1990s and now greatly enhanced by Gill. Finally, in addition to images of the books and transcribed jots, the information is fully indexed so that people can search for topics and ideas relevant to their interests or work.


The digitisation project was jointly sponsored by the JISC (Joint Information Systems Committee) and National Endowment of the Humanities through a Transatlantic Digitization Collaboration Grant.

Picture 004.jpg

                                            The NHM Library Specialist Digitisation Unit scanning NHM volumes for the project



Cherry Kearton (1871-1940) and his brother Richard (1862-1928), pioneered the use of wildlife photography. The brother’s grew-up in the Yorkshire Dales, and developed a great interest in the wildlife that surrounded them. They experimented with photography and devised many ingenious ways to camouflage themselves to get very close to animals in their natural habitat. Despite the need to use explosive magnesium flash powder and unwieldy equipment, their shots were amazingly natural and they went on to produce a large number of wildlife books together, illustrated by Cherry’s photographs.

Picture 009.jpg

Glass plate negative from the collection


At a time when hunting was fashionable and nature conservation was in its infancy, the brothers recognised the need to respect wildlife and to capture it through photography rather than by hunting down trophies. In ‘Wild Nature’s Ways’ (1904) the brother’s make a plea that collectors take no more than one bird egg of any species; “remember that to help in the least degree to accomplish the extinction of anything beautiful and interesting is a crime against future generations…”(p.210).


Cherry was responsible for some of the first motion pictures of animals in the wild.  He travelled extensively in Africa, North America, India and Australia, becoming a prolific film maker. This resulted in a large collection of photographs, negatives and film, some of which were presented to the NHM Library by the Kearton family in 1990.


    Picture 14.jpgPicture 13.jpg

                           Examples of some of the material from the collection, including a metal travelling box.


As illustrated here, the collection is in a very fragile state and not suitable to handle, but the library hopes one day to gain funding for its preservation and full curation. Until then, it is not available to the public, but the BBC reproduced some of the original cine film (c.1915-1920) for ‘Nation on Film’ in 2006, and this is available to view on DVD in the Library. The NHM Library also holds many of Richard and Cherry's books, which may be viewed by appointment. These include;


• With Nature and a Camera : Being the adventures and observations of a field naturalist and an animal photographer, illustrated from photographs by C. Kearton. (1897).


• Our rarer British breeding birds : Their nests, eggs, and summer haunts. (1900).


• Wild Nature's Ways : With 200 illustrations from photographs taken direct from nature. (1904).


• Wild life at home : how to study and photograph it (1907).


• Wild life across the world (1913)


• A naturalist's pilgrimage, by Richard Kearton (an autobiography) (1926)

• Cherry Kearton's travels, by Cherry Kearton ; illustrated from photographs taken by the author (1942)


Please see our catalogue for more details;


If you wish to visit the Library, please contact us to make an appointment 020 7942 5460 or


An 11 month project has started to unlock an incredible artwork collection originally commissioned by Thomas Hardwicke. Each piece within the collection will be listed, described, measured and a reference image taken. The images are of interest as much for their subject matter as for the art techniques used, including the use of gum arabic on some of the more polished drawings. Many of the species are unidentifed, or the original name has changed since the piece was produced. It is hoped that future research will be facilitated by unlocking this collection in this way; for example, identifying all the species depicted, and looking at whether the collection includes species which have since become extinct. It is hoped that future funding can be obtained to enable the collection to be digitised.


                                        Picture 001a.jpg          Picture 004a.jpg

                                                 Using a lightbox to see watermarks                       Measuring each piece   




Who was Thomas Hardwicke?



Thomas Hardwicke (1755-1835) was born in England circa 1755. At the age of 22, he joined the Honourable East India Company. Hardwicke rose through the army ranks to become Major-General in 1819, retiring from the army in 1823 and then returning to England.


Hardwicke had a distinguished career in India, during which time he was engaged in military action and travelled extensively over the subcontinent. Early in his career he formed a special curiosity about the Indian wildlife. He started a collection of zoological specimens and amassed a large collection of paintings of animals, insects and birds. By the time Hardwicke left India, he possessed the largest collection of drawings of Indian animals ever formed by a single individual. The subjects covered nearly every group of the animal kingdom.


Hardwicke’s enthusiasm in India was matched by the leading naturalists in England, with whom he corresponded. He also communicated with Sir Joseph Banks, President of the Royal Society, and other scientific luminaries. Hardwicke was elected Fellow of the Royal Society in 1813. Although Hardwicke did not publish many zoological papers himself it was the opportunities that he provided for others that are significant.


Once back in England, Hardwicke collaborated with J. E. Gray, who would shortly afterwards become the Keeper of Zoology at the British Museum. The result was a major folio work, Illustrations of Indian Zoology (1830-35). Gray took the lead, and was responsible for most of the scientific work which was based on Hardwicke’s drawings. Hardwicke provided the finance for the expensive book which had 202 large, hand-coloured plates, but he died before any text was issued.


What does the collection consist of?


                                1.9a        3.42a.jpg

                                       Philippine/Sunda/Malayan flying lemur or gliding lemur?                     Helmeted hornbill?                      

                                               (Cynocephalus volans or  Galeopterus variegatus)                                 (Rhinoplax vigil?)



The Hardwicke collection of drawings has a fascinating history. Part of the collection consists of drawings produced by local artists working in India. In his senior military position, Hardwicke was able to employ artists to produce work that met his specific requirements. Much of what was illustrated was based on dead specimens brought to Hardwicke by collectors from far away. There is plenty of evidence that they also drew living animals. For example the drawing of the chameleon was made from a specimen found in a garden and was observed to change its colour to match its background. Other animals were kept in menageries. The drawing of the tapir, a native of South East Asia and South America was possibly made from a specimen in a zoo. Alternatively it may have been exchanged with another collector or copied from another drawing. In this period natural history enthusiasts would often exchange drawings of animals and plants from other parts of the world to complement their collections. The Hardwicke collection is typical of this practice and therefore includes some surprising images such as an Australian koala and birds from China!


The painting of the Fishing Cat, (Felis viverrina) see below, has the John Russell Reeves crest stamped in the lower right hand corner – a clear indication that it was once in the possession of this famous collector of illustrations of Chinese wildlife.



                                                                                           Fishing Cat (Felis viverrina)


The names of the Indian artists employed by Hardwicke are unknown but undoubtedly most were well trained local artists. They adapted their styles and techniques to the European demands for accuracy in natural history illustration to produce a collection of stunning watercolours. A small proportion of the artwork, including the drawing of the chameleon, is signed 'JH' or 'J Hayes'. Nothing is known about Hayes, possibly he was a European working in India. He had a talent for drawing which Hardwicke undoubtedly appreciated.



                                        Red giant flying squirrel (Petaurista petaurista)                   Asian or Malayan tapir (Tapirus indicus)


Hardwicke bequeathed his zoological specimens and drawings to the British Museum in 1835. His magnificent collection of natural history drawings and paintings were later divided between the British Museum and the Natural History Museum. The Natural History Museum library holds approximately 4,500 zoological drawings and also houses an oil-painting portrait of Hardwicke by the artist John Lucas (1807-1844).


Some of the drawings from this collection were used on posters for the Natural History Museum in the 1970s.


In 2013 there will be an exhibition of some of the Hardwicke Collection in the Images of Nature art gallery here at the Natural History Museum. The theme for that year is India. To learn more about this gallery and this year's theme visit our website




                                                         Blood pheasant (Ithaginis cruentus)                          Purple heron  (Ardea purpurea)



The Library catalogue is available online at

If you wish to view these or any other items, please contact the library to arrange an appointment or 020 7942 5460





A lichen red data list for Wales = Rhestr o Gen Data Coch ar gyfer Cymru / Ray G. Woods

Salisbury : Plantlife, 2010.



Flora of Guangdong. Volume IX / chief editor, Wu Telin ; vice chief editors, Hu Qiming, Chen Zhongyi.

Guangzhou, China : Guangdong Science and Technology Press, 2009.

581.9(51) GUA


Flora of Guangdong. Volume VIII / chief editor : Wu Telin ; vice chief editors, Hu Qiming, Chen Zhongyi.

Guangzhou, China : Guangdong Science and Technology Press, 2007.

581.9(51) GUA


Marianne North : a very intrepid painter / Michelle Payne.

Richmond, Surrey : Kew Publishing, 2011.



Flora of Bangladesh. No.60, Lecythidaceae / editors: Hosne Ara and Bushra Khan

Dacca : Bangladesh National Herbarium, 2009.

581.9(549.3) FLO


Flora of Bangladesh. No.59, Sapindaceae / editors: Hosne Ara and Bushra Khan

Dacca : Bangladesh National Herbarium, 2009.

581.9(549.3) FLO


Tekhnika i tekhnologiia dobychi i pererabotki morskikh burykh vodoroslei : Metodicheskie rekomendatsii po sboru, obrabotke, konservirovaniiu i proizvodstvu produktov iz pishchevykh burykh vodoroslei / A. V. Podkorytova ... [et al.]

The technique and technology of harvesting and preparing brown seaweed. Issue 1 : Recommendations for the method of collection, preparation, preservation and production of food products from edible brwon seaweed.

Moskva : Izd-vo VNIRO, 2008.



Eunotia Ehrenberg (Bacillariophyta) of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, USA / Paula C. Furey, Rex L. Lowe, Jeffrey R. Johansen.

Stuttgart, Germany : J. Cramer, 2011.

DIATOMS 582.261(7) FUR


Atlas morfológico de semillas en especies del género Passiflora L. presentes en Venuzuela / Silvia Pérez-Cortéz.

Caracas [Venezuela] : Fundación Instituto Bótanico de Venezuela, 2007.

582.4P74 PER


Guía de jardines históricos y parques urbanos de la ciudad de Valencia / [direccion y coordinacion, Amparo Medina Piles].

Guide to historic gardens and parks of the city of Valencia

Valencia, Spain : Ajuntament de Valencia, [2010]?

58.006 VAL MED Q




Longhorn beetles in Sweden : Changes in distribution and abundance over the last two hundred years / Lindhe, Anders

ES 502


Moon-Related Population Dynamics and Ecology of the Stag Beetle Lucanus Cervus, Other Beetles, Butterflies, Dragonflies and Other Insects/ Mader, Detlef

Ubstadt : Verlag Regionalkultur, 2011

10C o MAD


Phenotypic plascticity of insects : mechanisms and consequences / Whitman, Douglas W

Enfield (United States) : Science Publishers, 2009

17 o WHI


Protection of Coleoptera in the Baltic Sea region  / Symposium of Baltic Sea Coleopterologists (5th : 2004 : Poland)

Warsaw : Warsaw Agricultural University Press, 2005



Bird-dropping Tortrix moths of the British Isles : a field guide to the bird-dropping mimics / Clifton, Jon

[Dorset] : Clifton & Wheeler; 2011




General Natural History


Aboveground-belowground linkages : biotic interactions, ecosystem processes, and global change / Richard D. Bardgett, David A. Wardle.

Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2010.

L 10E o BAR


Here on Earth : a new beginning / Tim Flannery.

London : Allen Lane, 2011, c2010.

L 10E o FLA


Natural history drawings : the complete William Farquhar collection : Malay Peninsula, 1803-1818 / with essays by John Bastin and Kwa Chong Guan ; and captions by Hassan Ibrahim and Morten Strange.

Singapore : Editions Didier Millet : National Museum of Singapore, c2010.

L 83 o NAT


Museums in a troubled world : renewal, irrelevance or collapse? / Robert R. Janes.

London ; New York : Routledge, 2009.

L 84 o JAN


Kingdom of ants : José Celestino Mutis and the dawn of natural history in the New World / Edward O. Wilson and José M. Gómez Durán.

Baltimore, Md. : Johns Hopkins University Press, 2010.




Ornithology (Tring)


As aves da Região de Guamaré, RN: Guia de identificação / Luciano Moreira Lima, Salvatore Siciliano

Rio de Janeiro: ENSP/FIOCRUZ, 2007.



Aves marinhas costeiras do Brasil : identificação e biologia / Ronaldo Novelli.

Porto Alegre: Cinco Continentes, 1997.



Aves marinhas na Bacia de Campos / Jorge Bruno Nacinovic.

Rio de Janeiro : GEMM Lagos : FIOCRUZ, 2005.

ORNITHOLOGY 76D NAC                  


Projeto Nacional de Monitoramento do Pinguim-de-Magalhaes: <Spehniscus magellanicus> / Centro Nacional de Pesquisa para Conservação das Aves Silvestres

Brasilia: ICMBio, 2010.

ORNITHOLOGY 18(1) PRO             


Thomas Littleton Powys, Fourth Baron Lilford 1833-96: an appreciation / Ioan Thomas

Oundle : Ioan Thomas, 2006.

ORNITHOLOGY 96A LIL             


Voo Pela Fiocruz: guia de aves / Davi Castro Tavares e Salvatore Siciliano, [coordenção do projeto Luisa Massarani e Rosicler Neves]

Rio de Janeiro: Museu da Vida / Casa de Oswald Cruz / FICRUZ, 2011.





Leviathan, or, The whale / Philip Hoare.

London : Fourth Estate, 2009.

Z 3A o HOA


Parasite fauna of fishes from freshwater water bodies of Yakutia / Odnokurtsev, V. A

Novosibirsk : Nauka, 2010

Z 24 o ODN


Field guide to the hard corals of the southern coast of Yemen / Michel Pichon ... [et al.].

Mèze : Biotope , 2010.



Bears : a brief history / Bernd Brunner ; translated from the German by Lori Lantz.

New Haven : Yale University Press, 2007.



Elephants in Thailand / Joachim Schliesinger.

Bangkok : White Lotus Press, c2010-



Cephalorhyncha of the world ocean : keys to the identification of marine fauna / Adrianov, A. V

Moskva : KMK Scientific Press, 1999



Boas and pythons of the world / Mark O'Shea.

London : New Holland, 2011.



The Library catalogue is available online at

If you wish to view these or any other items, please contact the library to arrange an appointment or 020 7942 5460



Anthropology / Palaeontology


The Neolithic demographic transition and consequences / Jean-Pierre Bocquet-Appel et al

Springer, 2008

A 5 o NEO


A study through skull morphology on the diversity of Holocene African populations in a historical perspective / Isabelle Ribot

Oxford, 2011

A 7A q RIB


The Routledge handbook of archaeological human remains and legislation / Nicholas Marquez-Grant & Linda Fibiger (eds.)

London, Routledge, 2011

A 6 q ROU


Human bioarchaeology of the transition to agriculture / Ron Pinhasi & Jay T. Stock

Oxford, Wiley-Blackwell, 2011

A 3 q HUM





In the footsteps of Augustine Henry and his Chinese plant collectors / Seamus O'Brien ; foreword by Roy Lancaster

Woodbridge, Suffolk : Garden Art Press, 2011.

92 HEN Q


Flora Bashchelakskogo khrebta / T. O. Strel'nikova

Flora of the Bashchelak mountain range

Novosibirsk : Akademicheskoe Izd-vo "Geo", 2010.

581.9(57) STR


Mkhi i pechenochniki lesov Sibiri / L. V. Bardunov and A. N. Vasil'ev

Mosses and liverworts of the forests of Siberia

vosibirsk : Akademicheskoe Izd-vo "Geo", 2010.



Seaweeds : a colour guide to common benthic green, brown and red algae of the world's oceans / Wolfram Braune, Michael D. Guiry. Translated and revised for the English language edition by Michael D. Guiry.

Koenigstein : Koeltz Scientific, 2011.

ALGAE 582.26 BRA


Biomonitoring, ecology and systematics of lichens : recognizing the lichenological legacy of Thomas H. Nash III on his 65th Birthday / editors : Scott T. Bates ... [et al.]

Stuttgart : Borntraeger, 2011.



The restless plant / Dov Koller ; edited by Elizabeth Van Volkenburgh.

Cambridge, Mass. ; London, England : Harvard University Press, 2011.

581.18 KOL





Chinese terms in entomology: 2000 supplement

Beijing : Ke xue chu ban she, 2001



Catalogue of the insect type specimens deposited in China, Vol 1/ Cui jun zhi

Bei jing : Zhong guo lin ye chu ban she, 2007

73H o CAT


Lepidoptera of Guisandao Islet / Wang, H. Y.

Ilan : Ilan County Museum of Natural History ; 1999

73H o WAN


The insects of Kinmen / Xu, Yufeng

Nei zheng bu ying jian shu Jin men guo jia gong yuan guan li chu, min 93

73H o XU


Prof K. T. Park with insects/ Park, Kyu-Tek


96 o PAR

Cicadas of Taiwan / Chen, Zhen xiang

Tai bei shi : Da shu wen hua, 2004




General Natural History


A country diary for North Wales / Jan Miller.

Leicester : Matador, 2005.

L 72Aa o MIL


Measuring the new world : enlightenment science and South America / Neil Safier.

Chicago : University of Chicago Press, 2008.

L 76K o SAF


The National Science Museum [Japan]

[Tokyo : National Science Museum, 2005]

L 85 o NAT


Frogs and toads / Chris Mattison

London: Natural History Museum, 2011



Age of the dinosaur / Steve Parker

London: Natural History Museum, 2011.



In from the cold : an assessment of the scope of 'Orphan Works' and its impact on the delivery of services to the public / Naomi Korn

[Cambridge : Collections Trust], 2009

L LIB 347.78 KOR





Incoming! Or, why we should stop worrying and learn to love the meteorite / Ted Nield

London: Granta Publications, 2011

M 523.68 NIE





Bird watch : a survey of planet Earth's changing ecosystems / Martin Walters ; consultant: BirdLife International, Jonathan Elphick.

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ORNITHOLOGY 10 WAL                     


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ORNITHOLOGY 75 CRO                     


Life with birds: a story of mutual exploitation / Malcolm Smith

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ORNITHOLOGY 3A SMI                     


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Paris : Société d'études ornithologiques de France, 2010.

ORNITHOLOGY 74K ISE                    


Raptor survey and monitoring : a field guide for African birds of prey / Gerard Malan, editor/author.

Arcadia, Pretoria : Briza Publications, 2009.



The Library catalogue is available online at

If you wish to view these or any other items, please contact the library to arrange an appointment or 020 7942 5460.





Aloes : the definitive guide / S. Carter ... [et al.].

Richmond : Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, 2011.

582.4P178 CAR Q


Flowering plants : a concise pictorial guide / Leon Gray, V.H. Heywood ... [et al.]

Richmond : Kew Publishing, 2011.

582.4 GRA


Champion trees of Britain and Ireland : the Tree Register Handbook / Owen Johnson

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635.97 JOH


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Kuala Lumpur : Forest Research Institute, Malaysia, 2011.

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O gênero Aspilia Thou. (Asteraceae-Heliantheae) no Brasil / João Ubiratan Moreira dos Santos.

Belém, Pará : FUNTEC : Museu Paraense Emílio Goeldi, 2001.

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General Natural History


China on paper : European and Chinese works from the late sixteenth to early nineteenth century / edited by Marcia Reed and Paola Demattè.

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Rock fractures in geological processes / Agust Gudmundsson

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May 11 pliny_001324_IA.jpg









The oldest book held by the Library was printed in 1469. It is the Naturalis Historiæ written in AD 77-79 by the Roman historian Pliny the Elder (AD 23-79). This 'Natural History' consists of 37 sections and is an encyclopedia of learning and art connected with nature. Pliny studied original authorities and used excerpts to compile a range of sections in the encyclopedia covering mathematical and physical description of the world, geography, ethnography, anthropology and human physiology, zoology, botany, pharmacology, mining and mineralogy.

The library copy was printed in Venice by Johan and Wendelin of Speyer and was one of the first classical manuscripts to be printed. The volume consists of 355 leaves, with a full page having 50 lines. The text contains some illuminated and coloured lettering.
It is an example of an incunabula, an early book printed before 1501.