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New additions

Posted by Rita Dockery Feb 23, 2011

New books added to the Library collection


Here are the recently arrived additions to the Library collection.  Please let us know if you'd like to make an appointment to see these or other items.


Anthropology / Palaeontology


Petroleum Geology Conference & Exhibition (2010 ; Kuala Lumpa)
Kuala Lumpa : Geological Society of Malaysia, 2010

Proceedings of the 16th Conference of the Palaeontological Society of Southern Africa, Howick, August 5-8, 2010
Pietermaritzburg : Natal Museum, 2010.


Gaiasphäre : ein Führer durch die Austellung in Saal 6 des Naturhistorischen Museums in Wien / Andreas Kroh & Mathias Harzhauser
Wien : Naturhistorisches Museum, 2009


Hasan's cave : geology, folklore and antiquities / C. Savona-Ventura, A. Mifsud.
Valletta, Malta : Heritage Books, 2000




Illustrations of Jammu plants : a supplement to Flora of Jammu and plants of neighbourhood : with general key and annotation / by B. M. Sharma.
Dehra Dun : Bishen Singh Mahendra Pal Singh, 2010.


Baboquivari mountain plants : identification, ecology, and ethnobotany / Daniel F. Austin ; with linguistic consultant, David L. Shaul.
Tucson : University of Arizona Press, 2010.


A handbook of the world's conifers / by Aljos Farjon.
2 vols.
Leiden ; Boston : Brill, 2010.


Handbook of the taxonomic names associated with the non-marine Rhodophycophyta / by Franklyn Dewayne Ott.
Stuttgart : J. Cramer in der Gebrüder Borntraeger Verlagsbuchhandlung, 2009.


Orchidaceae of West-Central Africa. Vol.1 / Dariusz L. Szlachetko .. [et al.]
Gdansk : Gdansk University Press, 2010.





Temperate and boreal rainforests of the world : ecology and conservation / edited by Dominick A. DellaSala ; foreword by David Suzuki.
Washington, DC : Island Press, c2011.


Remnants of Gondwana : a natural and social history of the Gondwana rainforests of Australia / edited by Roger Kitching, Richard Braithwaite and Janet Cavanaugh.
Baulkham Hills, N.S.W. : Surrey Beatty & Sons, 2010.


A history of photography with the light microscope / Brian Bracegirdle.
[London] : Quekett Microscopical Club, 2010.


Wildlife photographer of the year. Portfolio 20 / [editor] Rosamund Kidman Cox
[London] : BBC, 2010


Climate change, biodiversity and sustainability in the Americas : impacts and adaptations / Francisco Dallmeier ... [et al.], editors.
Washington, D.C. : Smithsonian Institution Scholarly Press, 2010.


Ornithology (Tring)


The bird man of Brisbane : Silvester Diggles and his ornithology of Australia / Louis Pigott.
Moorooka, Qld. : Boolarong Press, 2010.


The birds of Devon / Michael Tyler
Devon Birdwatching and Preservation Society, 2010.


Contributions to the history of North American ornithology. Vol.III / edited by William E. Davis, Jr. and Jerome A. Jackson.
Cambridge, Mass. : Nuttall Ornithological Club, 2010.


Tucanos das Américas = Toucans of the Americas / autor, Herculano Alvarenga ; aquarelas, Eduardo Brettas ; apresentação, Maurício Pontual
Rio de Janeiro : M. Pontual Edições e Arte, 2004.




The zoological collecting of the Honourable East India Company and imperial museum making / Louise Berridge

Terrestrial vertebrates of Pennsylvania : a complete guide to species of conservation concern / edited by Michael A. Steele ... [et al.].
Baltimore : Johns Hopkins University Press, 2010.


Coral reefs of the southern Gulf of Mexico / edited by John W. Tunnell, Jr., Ernesto A. Chávez, and Kim Withers ; foreword by Sylvia Earle.
College Station : Texas A & M University Press, 2007.


Treatise on zoology - anatomy, taxonomy, biology : The Crustacea, Decapoda. Vol. 9, Part A: Eucarida: Euphausiacea , Amphionidacea, and Decapoda (partim) / edited by F.R. Schram  and J.C. von Vaupel Klein (Editors)
Leiden : Brill, 2010.


Histopathology of protistan and myxozoan infections in fishes : an atlas / Iva Dyková and Jirí Lom.
Praha, [Czech Republic] : Academia, 2007


A tribute to bats : a collection of contributions on selected topics of bat research and bat conservation in the Czech Republic and Slovakia / ed. by Ivan Horácek and Marcel Uhrin.
Kostelec nad Cernými lesy : Lesnická práce, s. r. o., 2010.


Britains mammals: a concise guide / David Wembridge & Clare Poland Bowen
Stansted : Whittet Books, 2010.


Conservation of Mesoamerican amphibians and reptiles / edited by Larry David Wilson, Josiah H. Townsend, and Jerry D. Johnson ; foreword by James B. Murphy.
Eagle Mountain : Eagle Mountain Press, 2010.


New in the Library

Posted by Rita Dockery Feb 15, 2011

Please find below a list of this week’s recently arrived additions to the Library collection. We are closed this week for our annual stock audit, but we hope to hear from you if you would like to see these or the many other items in our library in the future.


Anthropology  / Palaeontology

Asian  paleoanthropology : from Africa to China and  beyond / edited by Christopher J. Norton, David R.  Braun.

Dordrecht [Netherlands] ; New York : Springer,  c2010.


The  evolution of the human head / Daniel E.  Lieberman.

Cambridge, Mass. : Belknap Press of Harvard University Press,  2011.


A new  theory of extinctions / Pieter van den Noort, Ashram  Elewa

Doorwerth, Netherlands : [the authors],  2010


Zhongguo  zhong sheng dai yuan qiao ya mu jia chong hua shi / Tan Jingjing, Ren  Dong zhu.

Beijing : Ke xue chu ban she,  2009.


The caves  of Gower / photographs by Harold Grenfell ; text by  Bernard Morris.

[S.l.] : Gower Society,  2006.



The  orchids of Rwanda / Eberhard Fischer ... [et  al.].

Koblenz, Germany : Dept. of Geography of the Institute for  Integrated Natural Sciences, University of Koblenz-Landau,  2010.


Crocuses  : a complete guide to the genus / Janis  Rukšans.

Portland, Or. : Timber Press,  2011.


Flora  of Peninsular Malaysia. Series 2, Seed plants,  Volume 1 / edited by R. Kiew, R.C.K.  Chung, L.G. Saw, E. Soepadmo and P.C. Boyce ; [series editor: S.S.  Lee].

Kuala  Lumpur : Forest Research Institute,  Malaysia,  2010.


A  guide to the flowering plants and ferns of Iceland / Hördur  Kristinsson.

Reykjavik : Mal og menning,  2010.


Trees  of Panama and  Costa  Rica /  Richard Condit, Rolando Pérez, Nefertaris Daguerre.

Princeton, N.J. : Princeton University Press,  2011.


The  Mosses and Liverworts of Pembrokeshire / Sam  Bosanquet

[Pontypool] : S. D. S. Bosanquet,  2010.



A  pictorial field guide to the beetles of Australia. Part 3:  chalcophorinae / by Mark R.  Golding.

[Joondalup, W.A.] : Ocean  Publishing, c2008.


A field  guide of the Dynastidae family of the south of South  America / Esteban I. Abadie, Paschoal Coelho Grossi  & Pablo S. Wagner, authors.

[Buenos Aires? : s.n.],  c2008.


A  pictorial field guide to the beetles of Australia. Part 4,  Bolboceratinae / by Mark R.  Golding.

[Joondalup, W.A. : Ocean  Publishing], c2009.


Pictorial  field guide to the beetles of Australia. Part 5,  Cetoniidae / by Mark R.  Golding.

[Joondalup, W.A. : Ocean  Publishing], c2009.


A  pictorial field guide to the beetles of Australia. Part 2,  Cicindelidae / Mark R.  Golding.

[Perth?] : Ocean Pub.,  2007.


Suomen  luteet = [Finnish bugs] / T. Rintala & V.  Rinne

Helsinki : Tibiale,  2010


Encyclopedia  of flora and fauna of Bangladesh. Vol. 22, Arthropoda:  Insecta IV, Pterygota (part) : Pterygota orders : Hymenoptera, Coleoptera,  Strepsiptera / chief editor: Zia Uddin  Ahmed

Dhaka, Bangladesh : Asiatic Society of  Bangladesh, 2009



Government  and research policy in the UK: an introduction :  a guide  for researchers  / Research Information  Network

London : Research  Information Network, 2010.


Made to  stick : why some ideas take hold and others come unstuck / Chip Heath & Dan  Heath.

London : Arrow Books,  2008.


La  biodiversità delle praterie alpine nelle Alpi occidentali : dal 6 al 29 novembre  2009 / a cura di Bruno Bassano, Antonello  Provenzale, Ramona Viterbi [Museo Regionale di Scienze  Naturali]

Torino : Museo Regionale di  Scienze Naturali, 2009, 2009


Analysis  of biological networks / edited by Björn H. Junker and Falk  Schreiber.

Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley-Interscience,  c2008.


Managing  information services : a transformational approach / Jo  Bryson.

Aldershot, England ; Burlington, VT  : Ashgate, c2006.


Classification  in theory and practice / Sue Batley.

Oxford : Chandos,  2005.


Ornithology  (Tring)

Aerial  surveys of aggregations of seaducks, divers and grebes in UK inshore areas  outside the breeding season in 2007/08 / Mark  Lewis ... [et al.]

Peterborough : JNCC,  2009.


Collections  in context : proceedings of the 5th International Meeting of European Bird  Curators : Natural History Museum Vienna, August  29th-31st, 2007, Vienna,  Austria / Ernst  Bauernfeind ... [et al.] (eds.).

Vienna, Austria : Natural History Museum, 2010.


Manx  shearwater <Puffinus puffinus> evening rafting behaviour around colonies  on Skomer, Rum and Bardsey: its spatial extent and implications for recommending  seaward boundary extensions to existing colony Special Protection Areas in the  UK / Claire A. McSorley ...[et  al.]

Peterborough: JNCC,  2008.


Seabird  numbers and breeding success in Britain and Ireland, 2006, /  R. A. Mavor ... [et al.]

Peterborough : Joint Nature  Conservation Committee, 2008.


The state  of Australia's birds 2010 : islands and  birds / compiled by Julie Kirkwood and James  O'Connor.

Carlton, Vic. : Birds  Australia,  2010.


Surveillance  of winter and spring aggregations of seaducks, divers and grebes in UK  inshore areas: aerial surveys and shore-based counts 2006/07 / Mark Lewis ... [et  al.]

Peterborough : JNCC,  2008.


Vögel auf  Föhr die Präparate-Sammlung des Friesen-Museums / Herausgegeben von Jutta  Kollbaum-Weber

Husum:  Dr.-Carl-Haeberlin-Friesen-Museums, 2009.


Wings  over the Red Sea : the birds of the Eritrean  islands / Giuseppe De Marchi, Giorgio Chiozzi, Dawit  Semere.

Milano : Società Italiana di  Scienze Naturali ; Museo Civico di Storia Naturale,  2009.



Eels : an  exploration, from New  Zealand to the Sargasso, of the world's most  amazing and mysterious fish / James Prosek.

New  York : Harper, 2010.


Fish  locomotion : an eco-ethological perspective / editors, Paolo  Domenici, B.G. Kapoor.

Enfield : Science Publishers,  2010.


Primate  locomotion : linking field and laboratory research / Kristiaan D'Août,  Evie E. Vereecke, editors.

New  York : Springer,  2011.


Badger  behaviour, conservation and rehabilitation: 70 years of getting to know  badgers / George E  Pearce

Exeter : Pelagic Publishing,  2011.


Dingo / by Brad  Purcell.

Collingwood : CSIRO  Publishing, 2010.


Mammals  of Florida  field guide / by Stan  Tekiela.

Cambridge : Adventure  Publications, 2010.


Handbook  on mangrove associate molluscs of Sundarbans / Anirudha Dey ;  edited by the Director, Zoological Survey of India.

Kolkata : Zoological Survey  of India, 2006.


Philippine  marine mollusks. Vol. IV, Bivalvia. Part 2, Scaphopoda, Polyplachophora,  Cephalopoda & Addenda / G.T. Poppe

Hackenheim : Conchbooks,  2011


Amphibians  and reptiles of Margarita, Coche and Cubagua / Gabriel N. Ugueto,  Gilson A. Rivas.

Frankfurt am Main : Edition Chimaira,  2010.


Hot off the press! A new book published by the Natural History Museum, written by the Library's Special Collections Curator Judith Magee.


It focuses on the Library's amazing Reeves artwork collection and coincides with the launch of the Museum's Images of Nature gallery which opened in January 2011.


This book can be purchased now from the Museum Bookshop or ordered online.


Reeves cover small.jpg


The Winter edition of Evolve is out now and is full of interesting articles.


In this edition there are two articles that involve the Library collections. Elin Simonsson talks about Edward Adrian Wilson and the travelling South Pole exhibition that arrives at the NHM in 2012. A number of items from the Library collections feature in this.


Karolyn Shindler continues her series of articles looking at the life of Richard Owen, this time his marriage to Caroline Clift.


Members of the Museum recieve Evolve as part of their membership. Non-members can buy copies in the NHM shop or subscribe online.




Free access to art ejournals until 28th Feb!!

Historians and artists as well as scientists make use of our wonderful collections of artwork. The library artworks collections are rich and varied as highlighted in the new museum gallery - Images of Nature.


22442_second     NaturalHistoryMuseum_003529_preview.jpg


These beautiful illustrations help to uncover the story of how the natural world was depicted over centuries of scientific investigation. Before the camera artists, such as Sydney Parkinson - a young man who travelled alongside Captain Cook on the first voyage to Australia in 1768, would board ships with bags filled with artists materials in order to document and bring to life these astonishing new lands, animals, plants and peoples for the first time.

21871 tonge fruit.jpg   24311 stone shell_1


Routledge is making its entire collection of art ejournals freely available for a limited time on Informaworld. There are some excellent articles about natural history art available. Read on and discover more about this fasinating area of research.


Here are some pieces to start you off -


Nature prints, 18th Century botanical drawings, Art and Science, Landscape history


The full list of titles can be accessed here.


New! Springerlink

Posted by NataliePope Feb 2, 2011
Starting from this year we've added a great new electronic resource to our collection - Springerlink



Springerlink is a fantastic e-resource for the library and provides access to over one thousand scientific, technical and medical journals. Springer is one of the leading STM publishers worldwide.


You can search journal articles that cover a rich variety of academic disciplines from 1997 to the current issue to help you in your research. The website is really easy to use and has been designed with researchers in mind. Content has been organised into 13 easy to browse subject collections with interlinking throughout, PDF previews and different search options.


454 journals are included in the BioMedical and Life Sciences subject collection, covering evolutionary and developmental biology, plant sciences, ecology and zoology and much more. The Earth and Environment Sciences subject collection is another area of special interest to the work of the museum. Subjects covered include climate change, nature conservation mineralogy, paleontology and oceanography.


For researchers interested in science education and teaching there are a number of titles in the Humanities collection and if your interest is in museum, archive or library studies a Library Science sub-collection within humanities has some useful content.


This resource is available free of charge to library users here in the library at the museum, all you need to do is book an appointment to come in and register with us. Abstracts are free to all wherever you are. If you'd like to know more or arrange an introductory session leave a comment or email me at