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New additions

Posted by Rita Dockery Oct 25, 2010

New books added to the Library collection

The books listed below are now on display in the Main Reading Room, Botany Reading Room (for all Botany titles) and Tring (for all Ornithology titles). Please let us know if you'd like to make an appointment to use any of these titles.



Anthropology / Palaeontology


Carnivoran evolution : new views on phylogeny, form, and function / edited by Anjali Goswami and Anthony Friscia.
Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2010.


Extinctions and invasions : a social history of British fauna / edited by Terry O'Connor and Naomi Sykes.
Bollington : Windgather, 2010.


Early Pleistocene bear remains from Deutsch-Altenburg (Lower Austria) = Die altpleistozänen Bären von Deutsch-Altenburg (Niederösterreich) / Gernot Rabeder, Martina Pacher & Gerhard Withalm.
[Wien] : ÖAW, Verlag der Österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften, 2010





Moss gardening : including lichens, liverworts, and other miniatures / George Schenk.
Portland, Or. : Timber Press, 2010, cop. 1997.


Orchid biology : reviews and perspectives. Volume 10 / edited by Tiiu Kull, Joseph Arditti, Sek Man Wong.
[New York] : Springer, 2009.


Figs : the genus Ficus / Ephraim Philip Lansky, Helena Maaria Paavilainen.
Boca Raton, FL : CRC Press, 2011.


Botânica sistemática : guia ilustrado para identificação das famílias de Fanerógamas nativas e exóticas no Brasil em APG II / Vinicius Castro Souza, Harri Lorenzi ; revisão técnica, Antonio Campos Rocha Neto ... [et al.].
2. ed.
Nova Odessa, SP, Brasil : Instituto Plantarum de Estudos da Flora, 2008.


Moss flora of China. 7, Amblystegiaceae - Plagiotheciaceae / Hu Ren-liang, Wang You-fang and Marshall R. Crosby, editors-in-chief ; Si He, editor. With contributions from Wang You-fang ... &c.
Beijing ; New York : Science Press, 2008.


Flora of China. Volume 10, Fabaceae / Wu Zhengyi and Peter H. Raven, co-chairs of the editorial committee.
Beijing : Science Press ; St. Louis : Missouri Botanical Garden Press, 2010.




Monographs on Coleoptera Vol 3 :  Water beetles of New Caledonia. part 1 / Jäch, Manfred A.
Vienna : Zoologisch-botanische Gesellschaft (Section of Entomology) ; Wiener Coleopterologenverein, 2010


The insects : an outline of entomology / Penny J. Gullan and Peter S. Cranston
[Chichester] : Wiley-Blackwell, 2010


A resource-based habitat view for conservation : butterflies in the British landscape / Roger L. H. Dennis
[Chichester] : Wiley-Blackwell, 2010


The butterfly hunter : Henry Walter Bates FSR 1825-1892 / Anthony Crawforth
Buckingham : University of Buckingham Press, 2009


Systematic revision if the family Scirtidae of Japan, with phylogeny, morphology and bionimics (Insecta: Coleoptera, Scritoidae) / Hiroyuki Yoshitomi
Matsuyama : Japanese Society of Systematic Entomology, 2005


Overwintering and cold-hardiness of ants in the Northeast of Asia / D. I. Berman ... [et al.]
Sofia : Pensoft, 2010




The theory of island biogeography revisited / edited by Jonathan B. Losos and Robert E. Ricklefs.
Princeton : Princeton University Press, 2010.


Illustrations of the legally protected British species : a supplement to the Checklist of legally protected British species / Christopher J. Betts
[Worcester] : Christopher Betts Environmental Biology, 2010


New survey of Clare Island. Volume 1, History and cultural landscape / Críostóir Mac Cárthaigh and Kevin Whelan
Dublin : Royal Irish Academy, 1999


Australian marine life : the plants and animals of temperate waters / Graham J. Edgar.
Sydney : Reed New Holland, 2008.


Dopplereffekt : Bilder in Kunst und Wissenschaft / herausgegeben von Petra Gördüren und Dirk Luckow.
Kiel : Kunsthalle zu Kiel, 2010.




Supergene environments, processes, and products / Spencer R. Titley, editor.
Littleton, Colo. : Society of Economic Geologists, 2009.



Ornithology (Tring)


Birds of the Middle East / Richard Porter and Simon Aspinall ; illustrated by John Gale, Mike Langman and Brian Small
London : Christopher Helm, 2010.





Hope for animals and their world : how endangered species are being rescued from the brink / Jane Goodall with Thane Maynard and Gail Hudson.
London : Icon Books, 2010.


Jane Goodall : 50 years at Gombe : a tribute to five decades of wildlife research, education, and conservation / Jane Goodall with the Jane Goodall Institute.
New York : Stewart, Tabori & Chang, 2010.


Action plans for <Margaritifera auricularia> and <Margaritifera margaritifera> in Europe / Rafael Araujo and M. Angeles Ramos.
Strasbourg : Council of Europe Pub., 2001.

Systematics of cyst nematodes (Nematoda : Heteroderinae) / Segei A. Subbotin, Manuel Mundo-Ocampo and James G. Baldwin ; series editors: David J. Hunt and Roland N. Perry
(Nematology monographs and perspectives ; Vol. 8A)
Leiden : Brill, 2010.


Systematics of cyst nematodes (Nematoda : Heteroderinae) / Segei A. Subbotin, Manuel Mundo-Ocampo and James G. Baldwin ; series editors: David J. Hunt and Roland N. Perry
(Nematology monographs and perspectives ; Vol. 8B)
Leiden : Brill, 2010


Snakes of Sri Lanka : a coloured atlas, with accounts on snakes in archaeology, history, folklore, venomous snakes, and snakebite / Anslem de Silva ; illustrations by Jayantha Jinasena.
Colombo : Vijitha Yapa Publications, 2009.


The Chalmers-Hunt Collection - Chasing after butterflies

A surprising and interesting collection for a library to hold - the Chalmers-Hunt Collection - is not, as is usual, a collection of books, but rather of objects. The objects in question number around 300 and relate to the art of insect collecting. This posting will take a look at the collection as a whole.



Though perhaps overlooked it is nevertheless one of the most unique and unusual Museum collections to be found in the UK and comprises of an eclectic mix of ephemera, with some items acting as the last surviving example of its kind. This collection was the focus of a library project to conserve, audit and transport these fragile items.


                                                 Revised Box 1.JPG                        

Items range from the practical and mass-produced to the more exotic, one-of-a-kind home-made instruments and equipment that were employed by natural historians from time to time. It clearly charts the development of insect collecting and the tools of the trade from the Victorian era to the early 20th Century. The idea to conserve these transient items for prosperity came from the eminent entomologist - John Michael Arthur Blake Chalmers-Hunt (1920-2004). J. Michael Chalmers-Hunt diligently collected these instruments over a long period of time before considering the NHM the proper repository for such a collection and kindly donated it to the Library.

This type of equipment was known in the early days of natural history collecting as the 'weapons of the chase'. This activity gained in popularity along with the thirst for knowledge of the animals and plants that help to make up our world. The instruments used to collect items and specimens developed and became more elaborate. The Victorian Age became known as the 'Golden Age of Natural History Collecting in Britain'. It was seen as not just a hobby but a quest for understanding. Natural History collecting on a large scale started to develop formally in the 17th Century - epitomised by the founding of the Royal Society in the 1660's. Superstitious beliefs began to be substituted for more objective, scientific ones and collecting for your own personal 'curiousity cabinet' became something of a fashion.



With a seemingly endless mixture of materials and sizes the collection is made up of such items as nets, pins, collecting boxes, rearing cages, lamps, preservation instruments, measurers, setting boards, magnifiers and so on. These items are a great example of how insect collecting was achieved a hundred or more years ago; an age where amateur-expert entomologists roamed the countryside, readily equipped with home-made nets and personalised boxes to catch and study their mini beast of choice.


There are more images of this collection available via the Picture Library.

References and further reading

Chalmers-Hunt, J. M. (J. Michael)., 1994. Entomological bygones or historical entomological collecting equipment and associated memorabilia. Archives of Natural History, 21(3), pp.357-378.

Salmon, Michael A., 2000. The Aurelian legacy: British butterflies and their collectors. Colchester: Harley Books.


New buys

Posted by Rita Dockery Oct 18, 2010
New books added to the Library collection

Here are the most recently arrived additions to the Library collection. These books are now on display in the Main Reading Room, Botany Reading Room (for all Botany titles) and Tring (for all Ornithology titles).  You are welcome to make an appointment to use them.

Anthropology / Palaeontology

Vanished ocean : how Tethys reshaped the world / Dorrik Stow
Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2010

Silent stories : insect fossil treasures from dinosaur era of the Northeastern China / Ren Dong, Shih Chungkun, Gao Taiping, Pao Yunzhi and Zhao Yunyun
Beijing : Science Press, 2010


The intricate beauty of Sphagnum mosses : a Finnish guide for identification / Jukka Laine ... [et al.].
Helsinki : Department of Forest Ecology, University of Helsinki, [2009].

Vanilla / edited by Eric Odoux and Michel Grisoni.
Boca Raton, FL : CRC Press, 2011.

Flora of North America : north of Mexico. Vol. 8, Magnoliophyta : Paeoniaceae to Ericaceae / edited by Flora of North America Editorial Committee.
New York : Oxford University Press, 2009.

Seeds of Amazonian plants / Fernando Cornejo and John Janovec.
Princeton, N.J. : Princeton University Press, 2010.

Atlas of the marine flora of Southern Spitsbergen / edited by Romuald Z. Klekowski and Jan Marcin W¸eslawski.
Gdansk : Ossolineum, 1995.

The Kew Plant glossary : an illustrated dictionary of plant terms / Henk J. Beentje ; illustrations by Juliet Williamson.
Richmond : Kew, 2010.

Catálogo de las Briofitas de Bolivia diversidad, distribución y ecología / Steven P. Churchill ; Ninel N. Sanjines A. ; Claudia Aldana M.
St. Louis Missouri Botanical Garden [u.a.] 2009.

Weeds : How vagabond plants gatecrashed civilisation and changed the way we think about nature / Richard Mabey
London : Gardners Books 2010.


Pisauridae (Arachnida: Araneae) / C. J. Vink and N. Dupérré
Lincoln, Canterbury, New Zealand : Manaaki Whenua Press, 2010

Aphids and other hemipterous insects
Lublin, Poland : John Paull II Catholic University of Lublin 2010

Arachnida and Myriapoda of the Seychelles islands / edited by Justin Gerlach & Yuri Marusik
Manchester : Siri Scientific Press, 2010

Illustrated catalogue of the beetles. II, The prionids of the neotropical region / Ivo Jeni
Ronov p.R. : Kulturní Dedictví, 2010

Review of adventive species of Coleoptera (Insecta) recorded from eastern Canada / by Jan Klimaszewski ... [et al.]
Sofia : Pensoft, 2010

A taxonomic atlas of the Eurasian and North African Noctuoidea. Vol. 4, Plusiinae II / Gottfried Behounek, László Ronkay & Gábor Ronkay
Budapest : Heterocera Press, 2010


Victorian popularizers of science : designing nature for new audiences / Bernard Lightman.
Chicago : University of Chicago Press, c2007.

Frozen evolution, or, That's not the way it is, Mr. Darwin : [a] farewell to selfish gene / Jaroslav Flegr ; [translation into English, Madeleine S'tulíková].
Prague : Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Science, c2008.

Emerald ekoloka mrea u Srbiji = Emerald ecological network in Serbia / editors, Nenad Sekulic, Jasmina S'inz'ar-Sekulic
Beograd [Belgrade] : Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning, 2010.

Salvemos San Rafael = Saving San Rafael / Emily Y. Horton
Asunción, Paraguay : Asociación Guyra Paraguay, 2008.

Big bugs life-size / George Beccaloni.
London : Natural History Museum, 2010.

E-journals : their use, value and impact.
London : Research Information Network, 2009.

Introducing RDA : a guide to the basics / Christine Oliver.
London : Facet Publishing, 2010.


Secrets of the gem trade : the connoisseur's guide to precious gemstones / Richard W. Wise.
Lenox, Mass. : Brunswick House Press, 2006.

Introduction to planetary science : the geological perspective / Gunter Faure, Teresa M. Mensing.
Dordrecht : Springer, 2007.

Protoplanetary dust : astrophysical and cosmochemical perspectives / edited by Dániel Apai and Dante S. Lauretta.
Cambridge, UK ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2010.

Ornithology (Tring)

Bird observatories of Britain and Ireland / edited by Mike Archer ... [et al.].
London : T & AD Poyser, cop. 2010.

Materialy k rasprostraneniiu ptits na urale, v priural'e i zapadno Sibiri. vyp 14 : sbornik statei / [otv. red. V. K. Riabttsev]
Ekaterinburg : Izdatel'stvo Ural'skogo Universiteta, 2003

Materialy k rasprostraneniiu ptits na urale, v priural'e i zapadnoi Sibiri. vyp 14 / [otv. red. V. K. Riabttsev, V. V. Tarasov]
Ekaterinburg : Izdatel'stvo Ural'skogo Universiteta, 2009.


The game of conservation : international treaties to protect the world's migratory animals / Mark Cioc.
Athens : Ohio University Press, 2009.

Airway chemoreceptors in the vertebrates : structure, evolution and function / editors, Giacomo Zaccone ... [et al.].
Enfield : Science Publishers, 2009.

Wildlife of the high Andes and Atacama desert : a field guide to the El Loa province = Fauna del altiplano andino y desierto de Atacama : guia de campo de la Provincia del Loa / Gilmar Ramirez Leyton
Santiago, Chile : Phrynosaura, 2009

Evolutsiia polovogo razmnozheniia mshanok otriada Cheilostomata (Gymnolaemata) / A.N. Ostrovskii
Sankt-Peterburg : Izdatel'stvo S.-Peterburgskogo Universiteta, 2009

The infanticide controversy : primatology and the art of field science / Amanda Rees.
Chicago : The University of Chicago Press, 2009.

Phylogeny, taxonomy and evolution of the Astrophorida (Porifera, Demospongiae) / Paco Cárdenas
Bergen : University of Bergen, 2010

Venomous snakes of Europe, northern, central and western Asia = Giftschlangen Europas, Nord-, Zentral- und Westasiens / Patrick David, Gernot Vogel.
Frankfurt am Main : Chimaira, 2010.

Agamid lizards of southern Asia, Draconinae. 2, . - Leiolepidinae / Ulrich Manthey
Frankfurt am Main : Chimaira, 2010.


New buys

Posted by Rita Dockery Oct 11, 2010

New books added to the Library collection


These books are now on display in the Main Reading Room, Botany Reading Room (for all Botany titles) and Tring (for all Ornithology titles). If you'd like to use them, let us know when you're coming.


Anthropology / Palaeontology


Scottish rocks and fossils / Alan and Moira McKirdy ; with illustrations by Craig Ellery.
Edinburgh : NMS, 2010.


Late Cretaceous Grünbach Flora of Austria / [by Alexei B. Herman and Jiri Kvacek].
Wien : Naturhistorisches Museum, 2010.


Geologie im Rheinischen Schiefergebirge. Teil 1, Nordeifel
Krefeld : Geologischer Dienst NRW, 2010.


Biblical Palaeontology: A Statistical Appraisal / by Gerald Duffett
Tenby: Welsh Riviera Press, 2010.


Origins : human evolution revealed / Douglas Palmer.
London : Mitchell Beazley, 2010.



Seaweeds and their role in globally changing environments / edited by Alvaro Israel, Rachel Einav, and Joseph Seckbach.
Dordrecht ; New York : Springer, 2010.


Sporovye rasteniia Pribaikal'skogo natsional'nogo parka / editors : T. A. Safonova & V. V. Ryabtsev
Cryptogamic plants of the Pribaikalsky National Park
Novosibirsk : Akademizdat "Geo", 2008.


Flora de San Juan : República Argentina. Volumen IV, Monocotiledóneas / editores del tomo : E.Rosa Guaglianone, Ana María Cialdella y Zulma E. Rúgolo de Agrasar ; Director : Roberto Kiesling.
Buenos Aires : Editorial Fundación Universidad Nacional de San Juan, 2009.


Flora khrebta Ulan-Burgasy : Vostochnoe Pribaikal’e / T. D. Pykhalova, T. G. Boikov and O. A. Anenkhonov
The flora of Ulan-Burgasy mountain range : The Eastern Baikal region
Ulan-Ude : Izd-vo BNTS SO RAN, 2007.


Topol’ chernyi v Zapadnoi Sibiri / V. T. Bakulin
The black poplar in Western Siberia
Novosibirsk : Akademicheskoe izd-vo "Geo", 2007.


The world of Carolus Clusius : natural history in the making, 1550-1610 / by Florike Egmond.
London ; Brookfield, Vt. : Pickering & Chatto, 2010.


Rastitel‘nost’ Salairskogo kriazha / N. N. Lashchinskii ; otvetstvenni redaktor : V. P. Sedel'nikov
Vegetation of the Salair mountain ridge
Novosibirsk : Akademicheskoe Izd-vo "Geo", 2009.

Margaret Mee : works on paper and printed books, including pieces from the collections of Laurence Fleming and Margaret & Greville Mee / Henry Sotheran Limited
London : Henry Sotheran Limited, 2010.


The Thirteenth Annual International Juried Botanical Art Exhibition of the American Society of Botanical Artists and the Horticultural Society of New York, New York, USA, September 15 - November 24, 2010 / catalog editors : Robin A. Jess, Carol Woodin.
New York : American Society of Botanical Artists, 2010.




In the light of evolution. Volume II, Biodiversity and extinction / John C. Avise, Stephen P. Hubbell, and Francisco J. Ayala, editors.
Washington, DC : National Academies Press, c2008.


In the light of evolution. Volume 1, Adaptation and complex design / John C. Avise and Francisco J. Ayala, editors.
Washington, D.C. : National Academies Press, c2007.


All Ireland Daubenton's Bat waterway monitoring scheme 20006-2008 / Tina Aughney, Steve Langton and Niamh Roche
Dublin : Department of Environment, Heritage and Local Government, 2009.


Benjamin Research Natural Area : Guidebook Supplement 36 / Reid Schuller and Ron Halvorson
Portland, Oregon. : United States Department of Agriculture, 2009.


Buenos Aires : ciudad & provincia : guia de Campo = City & province : field guide  / Marcelo Beccaceci
Buenos Aires, Argentina : Southworld, 2009.


Key biodiversity areas of the Seychelles Islands / Justin Gerlach.
Leiden, Netherlands : Backhuys Publishers, 2008.


Inclusion and engagement [electronic resource] : recordings, presentations / Museums etc.
Edinburgh : Museums etc, [2010]


Conservation report, Shackleton's hut : British Antarctic Expedition 1907-1909, Cape Royds, Ross Island, Antarctica.
Christchurch, N.Z. : Antarctic Heritage Trust, 2003.




Studies on agate : Microscopy, spectroscopy, growth, high temperature and possible origin  / Terry Moxon.
Doncaster : Terra Publications, 2009.


Ornithology (Tring)


Effects of climate change on birds / edited by Anders Pape Møller, Wolfgang Fiedler and Peter Berthold.
New York : Oxford University Press, 2010.


Essential ornithology / Graham Scott.
Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2010.

The golden eagle / Jeff Watson, with the support of the Watson family ... [et al.], illustrated by Keith Brockie, with additional landscapes by Donald Watson
London  : T & AD Poyser, 2010.


Der Rotmilan: ein faszinierender Greifvogel / Adrian Aebischer, unter Mitwerkung von Laurent Broch ... [et al.]
Bern Stuttgart Wien Haupt 2009.




Introduction to veterinary and comparative forensic medicine / John E. Cooper, Margaret E. Cooper.
Oxford : Blackwell Pub., 2007.

Skeena River fish and their habitat / Allen S. Gottesfeld and Ken A. Rabnett ; foreword by Jim Lichatowich.
Portland : Ecotrust, 2008.


Turkish land snails 1758-2005 / Hartwig Schütt
Solingen : Verlag Natur & Wiisenschaft, 2010.

Varanoid lizards = Warane und Krustenechsen / Bernd Eidenmüller, Hans-Dieter Philippen ; [translation from German into English, Thomas M. Ulber].
Frankfurt am Main : Edition Chimaira , 2008.

Agamid lizards of southern Asia Draconinae. 1 / Ulrich Manthey.
Frankfurt am Main : Edition Chimaira, 2008

Geckos of Madagascar, the Seychelles, Comoros and Mascarene Islands = Geckos Madagaskars, der Seychellen, Komoren und Maskarenen / Patrick Schönecker ; [translation, Thomas M. Ulber].
Frankfurt am Main : Edition Chimaira , 2008.


Field guide to reptiles and frogs of the Perth region /Bush, B. (Brian)
Welshpool : Western Australian Museum, 2010.


New buys

Posted by Rita Dockery Oct 5, 2010

New books added to the Library collection

Please find below a list of this week’s recently arrived additions to the Library collection. These books are now on display in the Main Reading Room and Botany Reading Room (for all Botany titles). You are welcome to make an appointment to use this material.


Anthropology / Palaeontology


Evolution of island mammals : adaption and extinction of placental mammals on islands / Alexandra van der Geer, George Lyras, John de Vos and Michael Dermitzakis
Wiley-Blackwell, 2010.


Le Jurassique inférieur et moyen au Luxembourg : nouvelles données paléontologiques et biostratigraphiques / Robert Weis & Simone Guérin-Franiatte (éditeurs)
Luxembourg : Musée national d'histoire naturelle Luxembourg, 2010.


Isoscapes : understanding movement, pattern, and process on earth through isotope mapping / Jason B. West ... [et al.] editors.
Dordrecht ; New York : Springer, 2010.


Zhongguo ti zhi ren lei xue yan jiu = The research of chinese Physical Anthropology / Zhang Jizong deng bian zhu.
Beijing : Ke xue chu ban she, 2010.





Late Cretaceous and Cenozoic history of Latin American vegetation and terrestrial environments / Alan Graham.
(Monographs in systematic botany from the Missouri Botanical Garden ; v. 113)
St . Louis, MO : Missouri Botanical Garden Press, 2010.


Atlas florae Europaeae, distribution of vascular plants in Europe. 15, Rosaceae (Rubus) / edited by Arto Kurtto, Raino Lampinen & Alexander N. Sennikov
Helsinki : Committee for mapping the flora of Europe and Societas Biologica Fennica Vanamo, 2010.


An Oak Spring Herbaria : herbs and herbals from the fourteenth to the nineteenth centuries : a selection of the rare books, manuscripts and works of art in the collection of Rachel Lambert Mellon / Lucia Tongiorgi Tomasi & Tony Willis ; edited with a description of the American herbals by Mark Argetsinger ; [translated from the Italian by Lisa Chien].
Upperville, Va. : Oak Spring Garden Library, 2009.


Flora Malesiana : Series 1 - Seed Plants. Vol.19, Cucurbitaceae / W. J. J. O. de Wilde & B. E. E. Duyfjes
Leiden : Nationaal Herbarium Nederland, 2010.


Fitoraznoobrazie Il'menskogo zapovednika v sisteme okhrany i monitoringa / P. L. Gorchakoskii
The Ilmen Reserve : phytodiversity in the system of protection and monitoring
Ekaterinburg : Goshchinskii, 2005.


Flora of Thailand. Volume 10, part 3, Anacardiaceae and Convolvulaceae / ed. by Thawatchai Santisuk, Kai Larson, ... [et al.].
Bangkok : The Forest Herbarium, Royal Forest Department, 2010.


Flora of Thailand. Volume 10, part 2, Celastraceae, Hernandiaceae, Leeaceae, Mastixiaceae, Passifloraceae, Verbenaceae / ed. by Thawatchai Santisuk, Kai Larson, ... [et al.].
Bangkok : The Forest Herbarium, Royal Forest Department, 2010.





The organisation of knowledge in Victorian Britain / edited by Martin Daunton.
Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2005.


Choosing selection : the revival of natural selection in Anglo-American evolutionary biology, 1930-1970 / Stephen G. Brush.
Philadelphia : American Philosophical Society, 2009.


Elements of evolutionary genetics / Brian Charlesworth and Deborah Charlesworth.
Greenwood Village, Colo. : Roberts and Co. Publishers, c2010.


The Darwin Initiative : sixth annual report : protecting biological diversity around the world / Department for Environmental, Food & Rural Affairs.
[London] : Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs, 2003.


Woodland creation for wildlife and people in a changing climate : principles and practice / by David Blakesley and Peter Buckley
Newbury, Berkshire : Pisces Publications, 2010.


The development of methodologies to assess the conservation status of limestone pavement and associated habitats in Ireland / Sue Murphy & Fernando Fernandez Valverde
Dublin : Department of Environment, Heritage and Local Government, 2009.
(Irish wildlife manuals ; No. 43)


Timeless and borderless : on the track of a rural landscape between the Rhine and the Maas / Bosbach, Hans
Düsseldorf, [s.n.], 2003.


A dictionary of ecology / edited by Michael Allaby. 4th ed.
Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2010.




Ascension Island : inshore sea life / John & Jane Bingeman.
Freshwater : Coach House Publications, 2005.


Eadweard Muybridge / edited by Philip Brookman.
London : Tate, 2010.


Philippine marine mollusks. Vol. III, Gastropoda. pPart 3, Bivalva. Part 1 / G.T. Poppe
Hackenheim : ConchBooks, 2010.


Land snails on the Solomon Islands. Vol. 1, Placostylidae / André G.J. Delsaerdt
Ancona : L'Informatore Piceno, 2010.


Ecology, epidemiology and molecular identification of the genus <Diphyllobothrium> Cobbold, 1858 in the sub-alpine lakes region / Barbara Wicht.
[S.l.] : [s.n.], 2009.


Amphibians & reptiles of the Carolinas and Virginia / Jeffrey C. Beane ... [et al.] ;
Chapel Hill : University of North Carolina Press, 2010.


Salamanders of the Southeast / by Joe Mitchell and Whit Gibbons.
Athens : University of Georgia Press, 2010.