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Collection Management Seminar

CoRR - Developing Disaster Recovery: Front to Back - A museum wide project 


Chris Collins and Clare Valentine, Natural History Museum, Cromwell Road, South Kensington, London, SW7 5BD.


Wednesday 23rd May 2012,


Flett Lecture Theatre, NHM, South Kensington



Do you know what would happen if there was a major emergency affecting the collections in the museum? How would you react and what would you do? Over the last 4 years Collections Management Staff in Science and members of Design and Conservation have been developing a disaster plan – the CoRR Plan – that coordinates the museums response in an emergency situation when collections are at risk. The CoRR team has already held a number of training exercises across the museum and teams from CoRR have already been involved in real-life responses to a number of smaller building based problems.


A major cross museum emergency that causes serious museum wide damage to the collections will require response from all areas of the museum. The Group is focusing on training and developing a coordinated group of individuals who can undertake collection recovery using techniques appropriate to the natural history museums collections.  The CoRR project involves everybody in the museum in some way, from Science to House-Keeping to Estates. 


The talk will look at the work we have already done, the current CoRR plan, training initiatives and exercises that are planned, the teams involved in recovery and importantly how you can get involved .

Who should come?



The seminar is open to all members of the museum who are interested in getting involved or learning more about recovery of the collections in a disaster situation. We also welcome colleagues from other institutions who would find the seminar of interest. There is no booking fee and only large parties need to notify the organiser for catering purposes.


Science Group: All senior departmental managers & collection management staff.

Public Engagement Group:  Any staff who work with and use collections or manage staff who work with collections.


Tea and coffee will be available in the seminar room lobby area after the talk.

Suggestions for seminar speakers are always most welcome. Please contact the organiser Clare Valentine.




For additional details on attending this or other seminars see

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