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Recent Publications - March

Posted by C Lowry on Apr 5, 2012 10:25:04 AM

Publications for last 4 Weeks to (Search done on 20th March.)

(Search on the basis of ‘Nat SAME Hist SAME Mus* SAME Lon*

Web of Science + TRING)


Levkov, Z. & WILLIAMS, D.M. 2011. Fifteen new diatom (Bacillariophyta) species from Lake Ohrid, Macedonia. Phytotaxa, 30: 1-41.       

Prieto, M., Martinez, I., Aragon, G., GUEIDAN, C. & Lutzoni, F. 2012. Molecular phylogeny of Heteroplacidium, Placidium, and related catapyrenioid genera (Verrucariaceae, lichen-forming Ascomycota. American Journal of Botany, 99(1): 23-35.       


Aristov, D.S. & RASNITSYN, A.P. 2012. Revision of the family Idelinellidae, with a review of the Permian Eoblattida (Insecta). Paleontological Journal, 46(1): 49-60.       

Khalaim, A.I. & BROAD, G.R. 2012. Tersilochinae (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae) of Costa Rica, part 1. Genera Allophrys Forster, Barycnemis Forster and Meggoleus Townes. Zootaxa(3185): 36-52.       

PERCY, D.M., Rung, A. & Hoddle, M.S. 2012. An annotated checklist of the psyllids of California (Hemiptera: Psylloidea). Zootaxa(3193): 1-27.       


Biske, Y.S., Alexeiev, D.V., Wang, B., Wang, F., Getman, O.F., Jenchuraeva, A.V., SELTMANN, R. & Aristov, V.A. 2012. Structures of the late palaeozoic thrust belt in the Chinese South Tian Shan. Doklady Earth Sciences, 442(1): 8-12.       


Crompton, R.H., Pataky, T.C., Savage, R., D'Aout, K., Bennett, M.R., DAY, M.H., Bates, K., Morse, S. & Sellers, W.I. 2012. Human-like external function of the foot, and fully upright gait, confirmed in the 3.66 million year old Laetoli hominin footprints by topographic statistics, experimental footprint-formation and computer simulation. Journal of the Royal Society Interface, 9(69): 707-719.       

LLOYD, G.T., Young, J.R. & SMITH, A.B. 2012. Comparative quality and fidelity of deep-sea and land-based nannofossil records. Geology, 40(2): 155-158.       

POTTER, T.L., PEDDER, B.E. & Feist-Burkhardt, S. 2012. Cambrian Furongian Series acritarchs from the Comley area, Shropshire, England. Journal of Micropalaeontology, 31: 1-28.       

RUSHTON, A.W.A. 2011. Deflexed didymograptids from the Lower Ordovician Skiddaw Group of northern England. Proceedings of the Yorkshire Geological Society, 58: 319-327.       


BOXSHALL, G.A. & Jaume, D. 2012. Three new species of copepods (Copepoda: Calanoida and Cyclopoida) from anchialine habitats in Indonesia. Zootaxa(3150): 36-58.       

BRITZ, R., Kottelat, M. & Hui, T.H. 2011. Fangfangia spinicleithralis, a new genus and species of miniature cyprinid fish from the peat swamp forests of Borneo (Teleostei: Cyprinidae). Ichthyological Exploration of Freshwaters, 22(4): 327-335.       

GRAVES, C. 2012. Mamilloecia indica (Halocyprididae: Ostracoda) a new genus and species from the Northwest Indian Ocean. Journal of Natural History, 46(9-10): 517-556.       

Jones, R., Brown, D.S., HARRIS, E., JONES, J., Symondson, W.O.C., Bruford, M.W. & Cable, J. 2012. First record of Neoxysomatium brevicaudatum through the non-invasive sampling of Anguis fragilis: complementary morphological and molecular detection. Journal of Helminthology, 86(1): 125-129.       

Kabatereine, N.B., STANDLEY, C.J., SOUSA-FIGUEIREDO, J.C., Fleming, F.M., STOTHARD, J.R., Talisuna, A. & Fenwick, A. 2011. Integrated prevalence mapping of schistosomiasis, soil-transmitted helminthiasis and malaria in lakeside and island communities in Lake Victoria, Uganda. Parasites & Vectors, 4.       

KHAN, F.R., Bury, N.R. & Hogstrand, C. 2012. Copper and zinc detoxification in Gammarus pulex (L.). Journal of Experimental Biology, 215(5): 822-832.       

KHAN, F.R., Keller, W., Yan, N.D., Welsh, P.G., Wood, C.M. & McGeer, J.C. 2012. Application of Biotic Ligand and Toxic Unit Modeling Approaches to Predict Improvements in Zooplankton Species Richness in Smelter-Damaged Lakes near Sudbury, Ontario. Environmental Science & Technology, 46(3): 1641-1649.       

Meijer, H.J.M., Gill, A., de Louw, P.G.B., Ostende, L., HUME, J.P. & Rijsdijk, K.F. 2012. Dodo remains from an in situ context from Mare aux Songes, Mauritius. Naturwissenschaften, 99(3): 177-184.       

Oliver, P.G. & TAYLOR, J.D. 2012. Bacterial symbiosis in the Nucinellidae (Bivalvia: Solemyida) with descriptions of two new species. Journal of Molluscan Studies, 78: 81-91.       

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