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Day 4 in the Nullarbor - any meteorites today?

Posted by Caroline Smith on Oct 18, 2010 3:05:46 PM

So after another windy night we awoke again at about 6am. Geoff and I were usually the first up, well Geoff then me and we would potter around getting the fire going and making coffee etc for the lazy people who didn't get up until about 6.30 am............. oops Erika has just told me that this was the morning she and Geoff got up at 5 am to take some photos of the Sunrise!.  Here's one of Erika's fab photos of the Sun rising over the Nullarbor.



For breakfast we had porridge again, which is a great thing as it gives you lots of energy for the coming hard work.  We headed out of camp at about 8.45 am and off to the search site.  Today we were concentrating again around the 60 g site and we did a combination of line and random searching.  Kath found a couple of tektites and Erika found one too, which was great as it meant we had all found something.  Now this might seem a bit lame that we are getting pleased about finding tektites but it shows two things - 1) that our searching methods were valid and that 2) we can see small objects that are alien to the surrounding local rock.  After a brief break for lunch we carried on searching in the same area and found a few more tektites but still no more meteorites.


Headed back to camp at around 3pm and we had some exctitement as both Kath's tent and Alex's swag were not where they should be.  There had been some very strong gusts of winds whilst we were out searching and we had wondered whether anything would have blown down/away in the camp, and yes they had!  So we retrieved Kath's tent and risked our health to get Alex's swag back and all was fine.  Then we had even more excitement, Geoff found a cave on the way back and decided to have a look down it.  Unfortunately he dropped his GPS down it so he had to come back to the camp and get some tongs so he could grab it as it was just out of arms reach.  What was even funnier was that when he went back to get it he dropped his iPhone down the same hole as he was reaching for the GPS!  Luckily he was able to retrieve both with little hassle!


So after an eventful afternoon we mulled over the day's events and discussed our plans for the next day.  We had lamb steak cooked on the hotplate with baked potatoes cooked in the fire with fried onions and beans, again it was delicious.  There really is something to be said about how food cooked outdoors on a fire is especially tasty - of course it also helps that we were so knackered from walking round we were all very hungry!



Geoff cooking the lamb steaks.


After more chatting and joke telling we all headed off for bed around 9pm.  It was very windy so I was expecting a disturbed nights sleep with tent flapping noises etc.........(hopefully no more animalistic sniffing!)

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