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A view in Port Jackson. A woman meeting her husband who has been out on some exploit and offering him some fish

Artist: Port Jackson Painter
Created: [between 1788 and 1798]
Dimensions: 20.3 x 31.9 cm
Reference: Port Jackson Drawing - no. 42


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Drawing of an Aboriginal man, woman and child in a harbour landscape. The man stands next to a tree on the right of the composition, holding a spear in his left hand diagonally across his body so that it points towards the upper right corner. He holds a throwing stick in his right hand which he extends towards the woman, who is approaching him from the left. She holds a fish towards him with her left hand, and a basket of fish in her right. The child on the left of the composition has its back to her, and is reaching with one hand towards the basket and the other towards the camp fire in the lower left corner. The land on which they are standing is represented by a green wash overlaid with darker brush marks. In the mid-distance there is a stretch of water, represented by a pale blue wash overlaid with horizontal grey lines, on which there are two figures paddling canoes, enclosed by a tree-covered distant shore. The sky is largely unpainted, with washes of pale blue and pink towards the top. The drawing is framed by an ink border.


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