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"View of the West Side of Sidney Bay, Norfolk Island, shewing the Method by which the crew and provisions were saved from the wreck of HMS Sirius"

Artist: Raper, George
Created: [1790]
Dimensions: 33.7 x 49.4 cm
Reference: Raper Drawing - no. 23


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The drawing represents the salvaging of crew and provisions from the wreck of the Sirius, the flag-ship of the First Fleet, at Norfolk Island on 19th March 1790. The ship is depicted listing to her side in the sea towards the lower left of the composition, her masts broken and surrounded by barrels and crates, with waves breaking over her. The remains of her crew are visible on the deck. She is separated from the calmer water near the shore by a series of rocky outcrops to the right. The ship is attached to the shore by two ropes, one of which is anchored by a group of sailors on the shore, and the second by another group on a rock mid-way between the shore and the ship. They are guiding a raft containing more of the crew which is suspended from the ropes. In the distance another small rowing boat can be seen pitching in the waves. A cluster of buildings around a flagpole flying the Union Jack of Queen Anne can be seen on the shore in the mid distance. The shore is backed by hills covered with pine trees. The sky is stained faintly pink towards the horizon, with a pale blue wash towards the top. The drawing is framed with a thick black ink line and a triple-banded border, the central band of which is coloured with a pink wash and contains the title panel. The signature and date are located in the inner band at lower right. Most of the outer band appears to have been lost through the drawing having been cropped.


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