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"A Native of New South Wales with a Fizgig and a throwing stick in his hand"

Artist: Port Jackson Painter
Created: [between 1788 and 1797]
Dimensions: 24.2 x 17.2 cm
Reference: Watling Drawing - no. 54


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Aboriginal man in profile, facing to the right, holding a fish gig in his right hand and a throwing stick in his left. The man is naked and his skin is dark brown with black shading, with a black mark on his upper arm representing a cicatrix. He is depicted standing on brown rocks in front of the sea, which is represented by a pale blue gradated wash overlaid in the foreground with grey horizontal lines. in the distance to the left there is a high cliff, coloured cream with grey streaks. The horizon is quite low, with a red stain in the sky which is not strongly reflected in the water. Parts of the sky are unpainted, but there are patches of blue wash towards the top. The drawing is framed by a double-banded ink border, with the inner band filled in with black ink.


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