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"A Native of New South Wales equipt for Fight"

Artist: Port Jackson Painter
Created: [between 1788 and 1797]
Dimensions: 28.2 x 18.6 cm
Reference: Watling Drawing - no. 50


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Aboriginal man equipped with a shield, three spears and a throwing stick, his body marked with cicatrices and his hair decorated with bone and tooth hanging ornaments. He is depicted in left profile as if walking along a rocky ledge overlooking the sea, which is represented by a pale blue gradated wash overlaid with grey horizontal lines. There are two headlands in the middle-distance, and a relatively high horizon behind them. The sky is composed of a gradated wash of blue, pale yellow and pink. In the foreground to the right there is a branch of a tree with grey green foliage drawn with vertical brush marks. The drawing is framed by a double ink-line border, and annotated below the border in brown ink.


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