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"A View of the west side of Sydney Cove taken from Too-bay-ulee, or Bannellongs Point"

Artist: Port Jackson Painter
Created: [between 1792 and 1795]
Dimensions: 34 x 46 cm
Reference: Watling Drawing - no. LS8


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A monochrome view across Sydney Cove from Bennelong Point, looking towards the west. Compositionally the drawing is divided into three separate bands of sea, land and sky, with some rocks and foliage in the foreground at the extreme left. The buildings are described with great attention to architectural detail, and the landscape surrounding them is composed of washes overlaid with stippled brush marks. The hospital and wharf area is positioned about a third of the way along the composition from the left. Further to the right towards the end of the point the Union Jack of Queen Anne is flying from a flag pole, and the top of a fortified building can be seen above the brow of the hill. A wooded headland from the north shore extends behind the point on the extreme right. The land is sandwiched between equal areas of sea and sky, with the sea represented by a gradated wash overlaid in the foreground with horizontal lines and brush marks, and the sky largely unpainted with some areas of wash and linear detail towards the top indicating clouds. The drawing is framed by a double-banded border, the inner band of which is coloured black. The drawing is annotated in brown ink below the border.


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