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"A partial view of Sydney Cove taken from the Sea side before the Surgeon Generals House"

Artist: Port Jackson Painter
Created: [between 1790 and 1795]
Dimensions: 32 x 45.4 cm
Reference: Watling Drawing - no. 14


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A monochrome view across Sydney Cove from the outside Surgeon-General John White's house on the western shore, with one ship at anchor and another at left in full sail heading eastwards towards the harbour entrance. Both are flying the naval ensign of Queen Anne. In the centre foreground two Aboriginal men stand with fishing spears on a rocky outcrop. One is depicted in left profile pointing a throwing stick to the left, while the other is shown in frontal view looking towards the viewer. To the right a woman gestures towards them with a paddle from her canoe, which has a fire burning in the middle. On the far shore of the cove a small boat with figures can be seen approaching Government Wharf. A boat raised on stocks can be seen on the shore nearby, something which is also depicted in Watling Drawing numbers LS6 and 20. Government House and gardens is depicted on the hillside behind, and a hut can be seen at the end of the tree covered promontory of Bennelong Point. The sky and clouds are represented by grey washes and unpainted areas. The drawing is framed by a double-banded ink border with the inner band coloured with black wash, and the drawing is annotated below the frame in brown ink.


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