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"Fishes of Norfolk Island"

Artist: Raper, George
Created: [1790]
Dimensions: 49.3 x 32.6 cm
Reference: Raper Drawing - no. 40


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Drawing of three different fishes, arranged in a column on a plain background. The fish at the top is depicted in right profile and is of fusiform body shape, mottled dull turquoise and brown in colour with brown vertical stripes down the side. The pectoral fin is yellow, and the dorsal and anal fins blue and red. The fish in the centre is depicted in left profile and is coloured predominantly green overlaid with darker hatched lines, with red horizontal stripes on the face and narrow vertical red stripes on the body. The pectoral fin is yellow and blue, the dorsal and anal fins red and green, and the tail yellow-orange. The fish at the bottom has a coiled, eel-like body shape, with its head at lower left and tail above and to the right. It is coloured off-white to yellow with brown bands and markings, and has a brown-grey dorsal fin which runs the length of its spine. The drawing is framed with a thick black ink line and a triple-banded border, the central band of which is coloured with a pink wash and contains the title and date. The signature is located at lower right in the inner band. Most of the outer band appears to have been lost through the drawing having been cropped.


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