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Checklist of Malawi bryophytes

Expedition to Malawi, 1991

The first TBG expedition took place in 1991 to Mt Mulanje in Malawi, led by Shaun Russell. There were two objectives: a bryophyte inventory and an ecological project looking at altitudinal affect on bryophyte diversity.

Expedition participants. Back row: Martin Wigginton, Nick Hodgetts, Zach Magombo, Shaun Russell, Royce Longton, Brian O'Shea, Edwin Kathumba. Front row: Master Singama, Liz Kungu, Ron Porley.

Approximately 5500 collections were made on the trip, with duplicates sent to major herbaria including the Malawi national herbarium at Zomba.  The project succeeded in making a major contribution to African bryology with a remarkable 52% of the taxa recorded being new to Malawi. The results of this expedition were published over a series of papers in Journal of Bryology.