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Systematic & Applied Acarology (2010) 15, 36–38.

Review of a new guide to the identification, biology and control of citrus mites


New Zealand Arthropod Collection, Landcare Research, 231 Morrin Road, St. Johns, Auckland 1072, New Zealand


Phytophagous mites are among the most important pests of citrus worldwide (Jeppson et al. 1975). Gerson (2003) listed over 80 species of mite pests on citrus and provided an overview of their importance, distribution, natural enemies and chemical control. There are several regional reviews of citrus mites: California by McGregor (1956); Florida by Muma (1975); Mediterranean area by Vacante et al. (1989) and India by Dhooria et al. (2005). However, a single source on the identification, biology and control citrus mites with international coverage has been lacking. Although Jeppson et al. (1975) included mites injurious to citrus, it is now out of date. Therefore, this new book on mite identification, biology and control on citrus by Vacante (2010) fills a gap in acarological and pest management literature.


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Accepted by O. Seeman 15 Mar. 2010; published 31 Mar. 2010


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