Directory of Acarologists of the World 2002
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This directory includes data on 2531 acarologists.

It combines information updated as of 2002 and data from:

Welbourn C. 1992.  Acarologists of the World: A Directory. 

The International Executive Committee (IEC) of the International Congress of Acarology sincerely thanks Dr. Cal Welbourn for providing EXCEL files of his Directory and allowing incorporation with Directory of Acarologists of the World 2002.  The IEC really appreciates the help of Dr. Zhi-Qiang Zhang for hosting this Directory and previous drafts on the Acarology homepage   (


Valerie Behan-Pelletier

Executive Secretary, IEC 1998-2002

Note: The master file for this Directory is in ACCESS format.  Anyone wishing a copy of this file in either ACCESS or EXCEL format please email Valerie Behan-Pelletier at:

behanpv@agr,, and I will send it as an email attachment.


  Zhi-Qiang Zhang on 28 Feb. 2005
on behalf of the Executive Secretary, International Congress of Acarology