Article 19. Status of emendations, incorrect spellings, and mandatory changes.

19.1. Unjustified emendations and incorrect spellings. An unjustified emendation of an available name is itself an available name [Art. 33.2.3], provided that it meets the other requirements for availability, but an incorrect subsequent spelling is not [Art. 33.3].

19.2. Justified emendations. A justified emendation replaces the incorrect original spelling and, as a corrected original spelling, retains the authorship and date of the original name [Arts. 32.2.2, 33.2.2, 50.4];

19.3. Multiple original spellings. Alternative original spellings that are not adopted by the First Reviser [Art. 24.2] are deemed to be incorrect original spellings and are not separately available [Art. 32.4].

19.4. Mandatory changes. The availability of a name is not affected by a mandatory change made under the provisions of Article 34.