Dino trail

Are you a dinosaur fan? Use our quick guide to find some of the Museum's most famous and imposing specimens. Flip the image to see a location clue.

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Dinosaurs gallery

Image of Tricerotops Image of the Triceratops location

See the skull of this amazing plant-eater, with its three horns, parrot-like beak and large frill.


Dinosaurs gallery

Photograph of Iguanodon on display Image of Iguanodon specimen location

Iguanodon was one of the first species described as a dinosaur.


Dinosaurs gallery

Photograph of baryonyx specimen Image of specimen location

This is one of the largest meat-eaters ever unearthed in Europe.


Hintze Hall

Photograph of mantellisaurus specimen Map of the specimen's display location

This specimen is one of the most complete dinosaur fossils ever discovered in the UK.


Fossil Marine Reptiles

Photograph of dacentrurus bones display Map depicting the location of the display in the Museum

This is the first stegosaur specimen to be scientifically described.


Earth Hall

Photograph of Stegosaurus in the Museum Map depicting the specimen location in the Museum

Come face-to-face with the most complete Stegosaurus skeleton ever found.

T. rex

From the Beginning

Photograph of T-Rex skull in the gallery Map depicting the specimen's location in the Museum

On the first floor of the Red Zone you'll find a skull of the formidable T. rex.

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