Written in the Trees

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Event type: talk

Location: The Attenborough Stuido

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As well as providing shelter and habitats for humans and forest and woodland wildlife, trees and their elaborate rooting systems are vital for drawing carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere, helping to cool climates globally.

Occasionally, trees fossilise in a way that preserves their inner tissues and ring structure. Now scientists can examine fossilised trees that are hundreds of millions of years old and discover the pattern of seasons and climate on Earth over vast time spans.

Join palaeobotanist Paul Kenrick and find out how these enormous specimens are opening a window onto Earth's ancient atmosphere, and why that matters for our planet's future.

This talk is part of a series of events exploring the stories behind the specimens in our newly reopened Hintze Hall.

How to find the Attenborough Studio

The Attenborough Studio is in the Darwin Centre in the Orange Zone.

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