Who was Cheddar Man?

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Event type: talk, meet the scientist

Location: Attenborough Studio

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Join us to uncover the story of one of Britain's oldest modern humans, who lived around 10,000 years ago.

Unearthed in 1903 in Cheddar Gorge (in Gough's Cave, Somerset), Cheddar Man is the oldest near-complete skeleton of our species Homo sapiens found in Britain.

For the first time, a team of scientists has carried out a full DNA analysis of his skeleton. Meet Museum Researcher Tom Booth and discover how ancient DNA is helping us paint a fascinating portrait of Cheddar Man.

What did he look like, where did he come from and how does he relate to us? 

Event dates
13 December 2019 14.30-15.00, 12.30-13.00

How to find the Attenborough Studio

The Attenborough Studio is in the Darwin Centre in the Orange Zone.

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