Volunteers and Miniature Fossils Magnified

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Event type: demonstration, drop-in

Location: The Specimen Preparation Area in the Darwin Centre Cocoon

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Free, drop-in

See science in action in the Cocoon's Specimen Preparation Area.

Watch as Museum curators and volunteers transcribe specimen labels from the microscopic foraminifera collection and create new digital records.

Museum curators from Micropalaeontology and the Digital Collections Programme team are working with volunteers to transcribe the digitised specimen labels from our microscope collection of foraminifera. The digitised scientific data transcribed from the slides about our ancient seas will be made available for research worldwide.

Look in on work being done, and find out more about how you too can become a digital volunteer for the Museum.


The Specimen Preparation Area is located in the Darwin Centre on the upper walkway in the Cocoon.

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How to find the Specimen Preparation Area

The the Specimen Preparation area is in the Darwin Centre Cocoon in the Orange Zone.

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Want to get involved?

Find out more about becoming a digital volunteer for the Museum and taking part in Miniature Fossils Magnified.