United Against the Climate Crisis

  • Originally aired Tuesday 16 February, 17.30-18.30 GMT

Climate change is perhaps the defining 'wicked problem' of our time: it impacts human and planetary health, threatens economic sustainability and exacerbates social and racial inequalities.

The voice and dedication of young people in tackling the climate crisis has never been bolder. We need to recognise that the crisis is an intersectional one, requiring collective and collaborative solutions.

In this event we are joined by Academy Award-winning actor and founder of Fire Drill Fridays, Jane Fonda, and lead convener of Youth Advocates for Climate Action Philippines Mitzi Jonelle Tan. Together they will discuss some of the core issues at the heart of the climate crisis, share how they have been impacted in their own lives and reveal what motivates them to stand up and take action.

Speaker biographies

Jane Fonda

On-screen, Jane Fonda is a two-time Academy award-winning actor, famous for her work in iconic films like Klute, On Golden Pond and 9 to 5 to name a few. She currently stars in the Netflix series Grace and Frankie. Off-screen, she has been at the forefront of social activism for over 50 years. Fonda's life has been characterised by her pursuit of the causes she believes in ranging from women’s rights to increasing the sustainability of wages and working conditions in the service sector to combatting the climate crisis, most recently through the launch of Fire Drill Fridays, which continues to hold weekly virtual actions every Friday in partnership with Greenpeace USA.

Mitzi Jonelle Tan

Mitzi Jonelle Tan is a climate justice activist based in Metro Manila, Philippines. She is the convenor and international spokesperson of Youth Advocates for Climate Action Philippines (YACAP), the Fridays For Future (FFF) of the Philippines. She became an activist in 2017 after integrating with indigenous leaders of her country, which pushed her to realise that collective action and system change is what we need for a just and greener society.



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