The Nest - London Design Festival

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Event type: outdoor activity

Location: Museum Lane, Exhibition Road (between the Natural History Museum and the Science Museum)

Ticket prices:

Free, drop-in

The Nest is an outdoor, sheltered lookout platform that evokes a bird's nest where you can enter, explore and observe life on Exhibition Road. 

Designed by Juliet Quintero from award-winning architecture-art-shaping studio Dallas-Pierce-Quintero, The Nest is made of differing lengths of red oak pieces randomly layered to form the structure. The different lengths let the light filter through at various points, creating a distinct atmosphere throughout the day.

The piece is part of the London Design Festival (14-22 September) which celebrates and promotes London as the design capital of the world. 

LDF 2019 Legacy Project at V&A, AHEC Legacy teaser Sir John Sorrell from TM Lighting on Vimeo.

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