The Natural History of Naked Snakes

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Event type: Seminar

Location: Neil Chalmers Room DC2

Subject: Life sciences

Speaker details: Dr Mark Wilkinson
Life Sciences Department

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Adult: Free

Date: 30 June 2017
Time: 16:30

Caecilians, like all taxa, have their fair share of peculiarities and interesting factoids some of which I and my colleagues have discovered.  

My aims in this talk are to

  • provide an informative introduction to caecilians
  • to illustrate some research highlights
  • to reflect on the importance and the potential difficulties on working on a seemingly unimportant minor component of the planets biota.

Caecilians (or Naked Snakes)

Caecilians (or Naked Snakes) are a small group of snake-like amphibians of seemingly little importance. Because of burrowing, tropical lifestyles, casual encounters with caecilians are rare and they are probably the most poorly known Order within Tetrapoda.

I’ve been interested in this enigmatic group since I was a teenager and at least in part because of being frustrated in my early attempts to find out about them.

Now I spend a substantial part of my research working on diverse aspects of their biology but especially systematics and other collections based research. 

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Dr Mark Wilkinson
Life Sciences Department