Tectonic Earth Show

Event information

Event type: show

Location: Attenborough Studio

Suitable for: Key Stage 4 (ages 14-16), key stage 3 (ages 11-14)

Capacity: 90 students

Duration: 30 minutes

Ticket prices:

£3 per student
Booking required

This show was previously called 'Rocks the House'

Learn about the powerful interactions that shape our planet in this action-packed science show.

Students will discover how tectonic plate interactions happen over different time scales, shaping landscapes, and how these processes can have profound effects on humans.

They will explore the mechanisms of plate tectonics by exploring the geological processes at plate boundaries, from constructive ocean ridges, destructive subduction zones and dangerous transform faults.

Students and teachers will have the chance to take part in fun demonstrations, such as shouldering the weight of the world's tectonic plates, getting to grips with the geophysics of cold custard and making an earthquake.

This show is designed for KS3 and KS4 Geography classes, and can be used as an exciting introduction to physical geography or to consolidate learning.

Further information

Curriculum links: Science - Earth and atmosphere; Geography - Human and physical geography

Support notes PDF (201KB)


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