Super Stegosaurus Workshop

Event information

Event type: workshop

Location: Earth Hall, next to the Stegosaurus

Suitable for: Key Stage 1 (ages 5-7)

Capacity: 35 pupils

Duration: 45 minutes

Ticket prices:

£3 per pupil
Booking required

Booking information

This workshop is bookable for dates from 1 February to 1 April 2022.

This workshop is for KS1 (ages 5-7). Maximum capacity per workshop is 35 pupils.

Dates and Times

The workshop runs at 10.30am, 11.30am, 12.30pm and 1.30pm weekdays. 

To check availability and to book please email our School Bookings team. For guidance on how to book and the information we require, please visit our Essential information page.

In this hands-on workshop, pupils come face to face Sophie, the most complete Stegosaurus fossil in the world.

Taking on the role of palaeontologists, pupils put together massive 3D jigsaw stegosaurs and examine different parts of the dinosaur's anatomy to understand what they can tell us about Sophie's lifestyle.

Workshop rundown

  • Pupils are introduced to the story of Sophie and how the fossil dinosaur was found.
  • The pupils construct a 'Stego-jigsaw-rus' to learn how scientists piece together fossil finds.
  • Pupils split into groups and examine different parts of Sophie's anatomy: head, plates and spikes.
  • In an interactive plenary, the group uses their new skills and knowledge to complete a poster about Sophie.

Further information

Curriculum links:Working scientifically; animals; including humans; living things and their habitats; number and place value; geometry - properties of shapes

Support notes PDF (62KB)

What teachers say

    'Taking part in the Super Stegosaurus workshop was a fantastic way to collaborate and consolidate learning as our Year 2 children have been learning about dinosaurs in their history topic.
'The workshop was age appropriate, engaging, fun and interactive, giving them an experience that will last them a lifetime.'

Kerry Seales, Deputy Headteacher, Crest Infant & Nursery School

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