Skulls, Teeth and Diet Workshop

Event information

Event type: workshop

Location: Zoology Spirit Building in the Darwin Centre, Orange Zone

Suitable for: Key Stage 2 (ages 7-11)

Capacity: 32 pupils

Duration: 45 minutes

Ticket prices:

£3 per pupil
Booking required

This workshop was previously titled 'Cutting Edge'

This interactive workshop looks at how teeth shape and position relate to function and diet.

Pupils will think about their own teeth and consider how they use the different types of teeth for eating. They handle, observe and compare a variety of herbivore, carnivore and omnivore animal skulls, identifying the different shapes of teeth.

They then use their observations to apply and develop their scientific knowledge and understanding of teeth and the different diets of animals.

Workshop rundown

  • Pupils begin by exploring their own teeth and identifying the differences. They relate function to the different tooth types and the types of food they deal with.
  • Pupils discuss the different types of diet and the key terminology. They take on the role of a museum scientist, using similar skills and methods, to make observations and discover the diet of different skull specimens.
  • Final challenge: pupils use the culmination of their learnt skills and knowledge to correctly identify the teeth and diet of of two large mystery skulls.

Further information

Curriculum links: Animals, including humans; working scientifically

Support information PDF (56KB)

What teachers say

    'Our Year 3 children have been learning about teeth in their science lessons so it was fantastic for them to be able to handle skulls at the workshop and recognise the different types of teeth we have been discussing at school.

    'The children really enjoyed using their science knowledge to work out which animal the skull belonged to, sparking some great discussions and debate!'

Micaela Facino, Humanities co-ordinator, NQT Mentor and Year 3 Teacher, Oakfield Preparatory School

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