Evolution Workshop

Event information

Event type: Workshop

Location: Information desk at the entrance to Human Evolution

Capacity: 32 students

Duration: 45 minutes

Ticket prices:

£3 per student
Booking required

This workshop introduces your Year Six class to the concepts that underpin evolution. 

In this workshop, children will:

  • examine fossils in our From the Beginning gallery, searching for evidence of change over time
  • get hands-on with specimens to work out for themselves why these changes occur
  • play a game that reveals Charles Darwin's theory of natural selection as the mechanism behind these changes

This workshop is an ideal introduction to the subject of evolution, but is equally useful for reinforcing prior knowledge through hands-on and engaging activities. 

Learning themes: using observations to draw conclusions, finding out how scientists use evidence, making predictions

Pre-visit information and curriculum links PDF (62KB)

Additional information for booked school groups

This workshop takes place over multiple floors of the Museum. Please inform our bookings team of any access issues ahead of time so we can make arrangements to support you and your students.

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For Year Six (ages 10-11) only

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