Adventure to the Deep

Event information

Event type: Show

Location: Attenborough Studio (Orange Zone)

Suitable for: key stage 2 (ages 7-11)

Capacity: 90 students

Duration: 30 minutes

Ticket prices:

£3 per student
Booking required

Dive down on an adventure thousands of metres below the waves to help our scientist explore life in the oceans.

Students and teachers will dive through a reef, come face-to-face with a giant squid and see if they have what it takes to survive 3,000 metres below the surface.

This immersive show highlights the importance of the oceans and demonstrates why it’s never been more vital to help protect this amazing habitat. Can your students take on the role of scientists and help us explore the oceans on their adventure into the deep?

Pre-visit information and curriculum links for Key Stage 2 PDF (536KB)

Event dates
31 October 2019 10.30-11.15, 11.30-12.15
1 November 2019 10.30-11.15, 11.30-12.15, 12.30-13.15, 13.30-14.15
21 November 2019 10.30-11.15, 11.30-12.15
22 November 2019 10.30-11.15, 11.30-12.15, 12.30-13.15, 13.30-14.15
12 December 2019 10.30-11.15, 11.30-12.15
13 December 2019 10.30-11.15, 11.30-12.15, 12.30-13.15, 13.30-14.15
17 January 2020 10.30-11.15, 11.30-12.15, 12.30-13.15, 13.30-14.15
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