Reconnect with Nature, for People and Planet

  • Friday 17 September, 13.00-13.45 BST

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We are at a pivotal moment in human history, with the future of our planet hanging in the balance. If we are to succeed in protecting biodiversity and the communities it sustains, we need to work together.

In conjunction with the British Council in China for the #ReConnect 2021 UK-China Contemporary Culture Festival, join us for a discussion with young changemakers from the UK and China on why connection to nature is more important than ever, and why the upcoming UN Biodiversity Conference (COP15) and UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) are the most important international agreements of our lifetime.

About the speakers

Lauren Cook is a molecular ecologist and PhD candidate based at the Natural History Museum. Her research focuses on the study of environmental DNA (eDNA) and other molecular tools to study ecosystems, including emerging pathogen ecology in aquaculture and biodiversity. She is also an award-winning freelance artist and stop-motion animator, using her platform to promote UK wildlife and connection to nature.

Meng Fei is the director and a trustee of Green Kunming, an environmental NGO that operates in Kunming, China. Green Kunming is dedicated to solving environmental problems through public participation and advocacy. Their investigatory and communication work, including involving the local community in citizen science projects, has led to the protection and restoration of ancient woodland and groundwater around Dianchi lake under law.

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