Member talk: Ocean Exploration

A ship breaking through the ice in Antartica

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19 August 2020 18.00 - 19.00

Join Dr Adrian Glover, Museum Merit Researcher and President of the Deep-Sea Biology Society, on a voyage into the deepest parts of our oceans.

With a focus on the cold, watery frontiers of exploration, this talk will highlight the importance of deep-ocean research. Adrian will reveal exciting footage from his latest field trip to Iceland, during which he surveyed the spectacular shallow hydrothermal vent chimneys of Eyjafjörður.

The discussion will also explore the growing conservation issues related to the deep sea, and the role of partnerships between private industry and government.

Dr Adrian Glover is a Research Leader in the Life Sciences Department, with a focus on deep-sea biodiversity, Antarctic biodiversity, annelid systematics, evolution and ecology.

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