Member talk: From Dodos to Dunnocks: 250 years of Ornithology

A photograph of a man holding a grey bird.

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16 September 2020 18.00 - 19.00

As Senior Curator in Charge of the Bird collection at the Museum at Tring, Dr Alex Bond is perfectly placed to shine a light on nearly 250 years of bird collecting and science.

With over a million bird specimens, representing about 95% of the world's bird diversity, the Museum is in a unique position to help the study of bird biodiversity.

Whether the famous dodo or a common dunnock, each specimen tells a story. Discussing some of our oldest and newest specimens Alex will show how they all add to our understanding and help with the protection of species and planet.

Alex is a conservation biologist with a focus on the marine environment and island biology. His interests include seabirds, marine debris, invasive species, and globally threatened or extinct species.

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