Member Evening: The Dinosaurs Rediscovered

Image credit: James Robins

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Event type: Evening event

Location: Flett Events Theatre

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Member: £10 (includes drink)

Join Professor Michael J. Benton as he explores what we know of the world of the dinosaurs, how their remains are found and excavated, and how dinosaurs are still a part of our world.

We are living in 'a new golden age of dinosaur science' (The Times, 19 January 2019). Questions once thought unanswerable can now be answered. How fast could dinosaurs run? What was the force of their bite? Were they feathered, and what colour were they? How did they care for their young? How could they be so huge?

Michael J. Benton will answer these and more in his talk. You will also have a chance to ask questions afterwards and have Michael sign a copy of his book. 

Michael J. Benton is Professor of Vertebrate Palaeontology and head of the Palaeobiology Research Group at the University of Bristol. He has written more than fifty books, including his new book The Dinosaurs Rediscovered. He has been at the heart of all the new developments in dinosaur science, and regularly offers media comment on new dinosaur discoveries.

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Event dates
27 August 2019 18.30-21.00

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Entry is via the Museum's Exhibition Road entrance from 18.30.

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