Little Invaders

Image: Alvesgaspar, via Wiki Commons, licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 

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Event type: Talk, meet the scientist

Location: Attenborough Studio

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Free, no ticket required

Invasive species can cause great ecological and economical damage, and after the invasion has started, it can be hard to stop.

Understanding the biology of invasive species is key, and researchers around the world are decoding their DNA to find alternative ways of stopping their expansion.

Meet research assistant Belén Arias and find out more about an invasive species - the medfly.

Discover how this small invader has travelled the world causing havoc and how it could be stopped.

Event dates
28 March 2020 12.30-13.00, 14.30-15.00

How to find the Attenborough Studio

The Attenborough Studio is in the Darwin Centre in the Orange Zone.

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