Lates Online


Lates Online

Lates is held on the last Thursday of every month. The next Lates will be Thursday 27 May.

Bring a drink, brush up on your scientific knowledge and join us from 19.30 GMT.

Join us on 27th May for the next Lates.

Until then, you can rewatch past Lates Online events on the Museum's YouTube channel.

We were Making Monsters last month

Let's Play Spore (Creature Creator)

Animals have adapted to a whole variety of environments on Earth. From deep oceans and high mountains to dry deserts and grassy plains. But what might animals look like on an alien world with different ecosystems and environments? Would these animals adapt and evolve like animals here on Earth? Join us as we have a play with the Creature Creator from the 2008 video game Spore from Maxis Studios. We’ll explore evolution and adaptation and what environments might look like on far-away worlds with Museum experts. See some of our ideas and creations take shape in Creature Creator and explore the real science behind the diversity of life.


Explore the Museum online at your own pace

Virtual Museum

Delve into the Museum from home with a virtual self-guided tour of the galleries.

Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Encounter the beauty and fragility of wildlife, see fascinating animal behaviour and get to know extraordinary species.

The Museum is closed but our work continues

As a charity we need your help. With our doors closed, we're losing vital income. We're doing everything we can to continue to connect people to nature by bringing the Museum to you through inspiring stories and educational activities. 

So if you could help us with a donation - no matter the size - we'd greatly appreciate it. Thank you.