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That's all for 2020! The next Lates will be Friday 29 January 2021.

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Revisit November's venomous Lates

Toxic Tales

Venom hurts, but it can also heal. From fanged and scaly to cute and cuddly, join science communicator Alison Shean and scientists Ronald Jenner, Aida Verdes and Anna Nekaris to discover the surprising variety of venomous animals. Learn how their toxins can be put to ingenious uses, both for them and us.

Quiz: What's Your Poison?

The Prodigy proclaimed to have both the poison and the remedy, while Britney reckons your lips are toxic. Scientifically speaking, both claims seem doubtful. If, unlike these musical superstars, you think you know your poisons from your venoms then sink your teeth into some killer questions with our toxic quiz.

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