Instagram Live: Including Everyone in the Climate Conversation

Including Everyone in the Climate Conversation calendar alternate
  • Thursday 7 October, 17.00-17.20 BST

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Climate change and biodiversity loss aren’t just environmental issues – they are rooted in social justice too. The Planetary Emergency requires collective and collaborative solutions, where every voice is heard and listened to.

For this Instagram Live ahead of the UN Conference on Climate Change (COP26) in Glasgow, join youth activist and campaigner Daphne Frias for a discussion about the importance of placing justice, equality and accessibility at the heart of environmental movements and decision making.

About the speaker

Daphne Frias is a 23-year old youth activist, organiser and storyteller. A proud Latina born and raised in West Harlem, New York City, she has seen how minority communities are disproportionally affected by climate change, placing the intersection between social justice and the climate crisis at the centre of her action. Having cerebral palsy and using a wheelchair, she is a loud champion for the disabled community, highlighting how health and people with disabilities are affected by our changing climate. In 2019 was elected as County Committee Representative of election district 70 in Manhattan, and as a North American champion of the U.N Sustainable Development Goal 16 at the U.N Major Group for Children and Youth.

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