Hyde Park Bioblitz - City Nature Challenge 2019

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Event type: Visitor

Location: The Lookout, Hyde Park, London

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Event location

Please note that this event is NOT taking place at the Museum in South Kensington, but in Hyde Park, at The Lookout (location map). 

Take part in a global competition by finding and identifying nature in London.

London is competing with over 160 cities worldwide to find and record the most wildlife across the city in a four day period. You can find out more at www.citynaturechallenge.org

As part of the challenge we are holding a BioBlitz - a 24 hour nature survey - in Hyde Park. A team of dedicated scientists, naturalists and volunteers will be available to help you identify all the animals, plants and other living things you find. The information collected from your observations will help to create a valuable record of London’s biodiversity.

There is also an exciting programme of free guided walks, drop in activities and nature themed stalls.

Activities in Hyde Park

As well as the BioBlitz, we are hosting a range of free guided walks and activities throughout the day. Please click on the links for further information and to reserve a place:

  • 9am-10am                  Moth Survey          The Lookout
  • 10am-12noon             Bird Walk               Diana Memorial Fountain
  • 11am-12noon             Bug Survey            The Lookout
  • 11.30am-12.30pm      Pond Dipping         The Lookout
  • 1pm-2pm                    Worm Survey         The Lookout
  • 2pm-3pm                    Pond Dipping         The Lookout
  • 2pm-3pm                    Tree Walk              The Lookout
  • 3pm-4pm                    Bug Survey            The Lookout
  • 4pm-5pm                    Pond Dipping         The Lookout    Unticketed – Drop in event
Event dates

Events across London

There are a host of events happening around London over the City Nature Challenge weekend. Visit this page for a map and to find out more.