Gender Equality in a Planetary Emergency

  • 26 January, 17.00-17.45 GMT

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Women are disproportionately affected by the climate crisis. They are also leading the way as the most active and effective agents and campaigners of action against the environmental challenges we all face.

To prevent, adapt and mitigate the worst impacts of climate change and biodiversity loss, it is essential that everyone is represented at the decision-making table. Join us in this live event with Nicki Becker, Professor Anjali Goswami, and Lydia Wanjiku Kibandi. Together they will discuss the need for centring gender equality in global climate responses, reflect on the progress made in COP26 and explain why elevating women's rights may be the single greatest action to tackle the planetary emergency.

About the speakers

Nicki Becker is a climate justice activist based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is the co-founder of Jovenes Por El Clima (Youth For The Climate), a movement that educates about climate change from a Latin American and human rights perspective, and is a lead convenor of Fridays For Future (FFF). For her efforts in fighting against climate change, the Argentine Congress has recognised Nicole as one of the most outstanding young women in the country.

Professor Anjali Goswami is an internationally renowned comparative biologist, and is the Dean of Postgraduate Education and Research Leader of the Goswami Lab at the Natural History Museum. Alongside her academic prestige, she has a wealth of experience and passion for promoting diversity and inclusion in STEM subjects. In addition to her roles at the Museum, she is also an Honorary Professor in Palaeobiology in the Department of Genetics, Evolution, and Environment at University College London, and Trustee and Vice-President of the Linnean Society of London.

Lydia Wanjiku Kibandi is the Chief Executive Officer at Lensational, a non-profit social enterprise that aims to elevate the voices of underrepresented women through photography. Lydia's passion for elevating women's voices is evident not only through her academic work in photojournalism, but also through her intimate involvement with the women she works with and the strategic direction steering forward Lensational. Lydia has also earned recognition as a young leader in her country through a nomination in Kenya's Business Daily Top 40 Under 40 Women in Leadership 2019.