Explorers Night: Mind, Body, Space

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Join us for an evening of experiences brought to you by scientists, creatives and activists of colour to explore our complicated relationships with nature.

26 January 18.30-21.30

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How do you feel about your relationship with nature?  

Everyone should feel welcome to discover the wonders of our world, but for many people the reality is much more complex. Obstacles to enjoying nature often come from how society treats race and other aspects of what makes us who we are.

We've brought together scientists, creatives and activists of colour to create experiences inspired by our power to define, create and explore our complicated relationships with nature.

Come and share fears and joys, find out how community between people means community with nature and learn how we can all stand together to create a bright future for people and planet.  

After all, environmental justice is racial justice.

The Explorers Programme

Our Explorers Programme supports and encourages people from Black, Asian, Arab and other racially marginalised backgrounds to pursue opportunities in geoscience, ecology and environmental science.

What's on

Co-created activities

Explore how nature shapes and is shaped by our minds, bodies and spaces in interactive activities created by our hand-picked teams of scientists, creatives and activists.

Make your contribution to a communal work of art, dive into the sensory experiences of nature and get something off your chest in an air-justice investigation.

Nature and Mental Health: Seaside Senses

Dive into the sensory experiences of nature. Take a mindful journey through the sounds and sensations of an ocean environment.

Marine Invertebrates

Quiz Game: Let's Talk About Air Quality

How does your environment affect your health? From mould at home to air pollution on the streets, test your knowledge with an interactive quiz.

Jerwood Gallery

Collaborative Art Project: Building Our Vision of Nature

The world, its people, their history, culture, stories, experiences, and realities are all pieces of a patchwork quilt. Explore your own relationship with nature and create a patch to add to a communal quilt.


Talks and panels

Hear amazing speakers sharing their experiences of how racial, social and environmental justice overlap.

Conversation: One book, Three languages and the History of Botany

Discover how the knowledge unlocked from Arabic text in some of the oldest botanical art in the Museum can teach us about the very beginnings of biology as a science.

Attenborough Studio 

Poetry Performances

Listen to poets exploring their varied and sometimes complicated relationships with nature.

Attenborough Studio 

Conversation: Trust, Community and Pangolins

When you're trying to save the world's most trafficked mammal, who do you need on your side? Find out how one researcher's return to the country of their birth brought them into contact with people they never thought they'd see eye-to-eye with.

Attenborough Studio 

Live Podcast recording – Two Chickpeas in a Podcast

Join Nikita and Natasha, along with guests, as they explore climate change and its disproportionate impact on people of colour.

Neil Chalmers 

Meet Museum scientists

Meet our scientists whose research covers a whole range of fields and topics combining environmental science and social justice. Find out more about what they do and ask them your pressing questions.

Hintze Hall

Bespoke tours

See the collections we care for as you've never seen them before with a special tour where we introduce you to the specimens and stories that mean the most to our scientists and educators.

Hintze Hall

Zine-making workshop

What future do you want to see? Create a manifesto for change at our zine-making workshop.

Central Cafe

Open discussion forum

Join the conversation at Talkaoke, the radical pop-up talk show where you're in charge of where the story goes.

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