Dinosaur activities for families

Take part in family-friendly dinosaur-themed activities at home. 

Make your own origami dinosaur, find out what dinosaur you are and go on a virtual dinosaur dig. 

Nature Live 

Catch up on our Nature Live programme and find out everything you've always wanted to know about dinosaurs with Museum scientist Paul Barrett.

Nature Live Online: Everything You've Always Wanted to Know About Dinosaurs

Get crafty! 

Make an origami dinosaur

Learn how to make your own charming origami Tyrannosaurus rex.

Bake dinosaur footprint cookies

These are not your average dinosaur cookies. These tasty biscuits are fun to bake with kids. The biscuit recipe makes a soft dough, easy for making footprint-shaped holes with the foot of a toy dinosaur.

Draw a dinosaur

Follow our simple instructions to draw a cartoon T. rex and read on to find out how professional artists bring dinosaurs to life with their pictures.

Make a hatching dinosaur egg

Like birds - the dinosaurs we can see around us today - prehistoric dinosaurs hatched from eggs. Here's how to create your very own dinosaur egg that hatches.

Learn roar-some facts

How to become a palaeontologist

Dr Susie Maidment shares her experiences of what it's like to be a dinosaur researcher, the time she met Sir David Attenborough, how she got into this career and advice for budding palaeontologists.

How to find dinosaur fossils

For palaeontologists in the field, few techniques have changed much since the early days of dinosaur hunting.

Find a dinosaur!

Dinosaurs 360° fossil-hunting adventure

Join a fossil hunt on the Jurassic Coast in Dorset. As you explore a stretch of beach between Charmouth and Lyme Regis, get tips on what fossils to look out for.

Take a virtual trip to the USA to join a dinosaur dig

Mission Jurassic is a project led by the Children's Museum of Indianapolis, which aims not only to dig up dinosaur fossils for display, but also to learn as much as possible about what western North America was like 150 million years ago.

Close encounters

Explore Dippy's skull in 3D

Can you find Dippy's nostrils? What feature does Diplodocus share with humans but few other dinosaurs?

Rotate, zoom in and explore the features of this popular dinosaur.

Quiz: What dinosaur are you?

Gentle giant or fierce meat-eater: which dinosaur shared your habits? Answer these questions to find out.


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