Dawnosaurs: Relaxed Morning Visit

Child pointing at LEGO creations with another child in the background wearing headphones

Event information

Neurodivergent children and their families have the opportunity to explore the museum before anyone else and enjoy activities around different themes.

Saturday 23 March


Free, booking required

Dawnosaurs is a free event for neurodivergent children (including autism ADHD, Tourette’s, OCD and other sensory processing difficulties).

Enjoy the Museum, free from the hustle and bustle of the general public. Visitors have access to a wide range of galleries and activities, supported by and led by experienced, neurodivergent-aware facilitators.

This event is best for children aged five to 15, and siblings are welcome.


It's essential that all visitors book a free ticket online in advance. Tickets are released for each event a few months in advance.

Please read the essential information before booking.

Event dates 

23 March

Tickets coming soon for the below dates 

18 May 

14 August 

5 October 

7 December 

Can't make it to the Museum?

If you can't make it to the Museum but still want to join in on the Dawnosaurs fun, take part in our free online activities from home at a time that suits you.

  • Essential information

    • Adult tickets are limited to three per group 
    • Tickets are non-transferrable
    • The Museum opens to the public at 10.00, and you are welcome to stay and explore the other galleries though it may be busy
    • Not all areas of the Museum will be open during Dawnosaurs but the Dinosaurs gallery is always open during our events.
    • Temporary exhibitions may be open during our event, you will be informed if they are or not prior to the event.
    • The kitchen will be open for hot drinks and snacks
    • There are several baby changing facilities and accessible toilets. The Museum is fully accessible for wheelchairs and buggies. Find out more about access at South Kensington.
    • We will send an email with more information a week in advance to help you prepare your child for your visit, including information on how we provide a friendly, accessible and safe environment.
    • For blue badge parking please contact Dawnosaurs@Nhm.Ac.uk


  • FAQs

    How many Dawnosaurs events are there a year?

    There are five Dawnosaurs events each year.

    Who are these events for?

    These events are for neurodivergent children aged 5-15 and their families.

    Will you be offering events for those aged 16 and above?

    Although we don’t currently offer this, we’re working towards this goal for 2024.

    Why does the event start so early?

    Our Dawnosaurs events start early so that we can provide you with a relaxed setting and a specific activity programme. To do this we must open the Museum outside of usual operating hours. We understand that this can be a little inconvenient for some families and we’re working towards more convenient plans that expand our SEND offer into regular hours. Many visitors come to Dawnosaurs from outside London and an early morning event generally suits their needs better than a late-night event.

    How is the event different to a normal Museum day?

    With our Dawnosaurs event, capacity is strictly limited. We ensure that lighting, sound and special FX within the Museum are all adjusted to best suit the needs of those attending. We plan engaging, fun and educational learning activities within our galleries and the whole event is overseen by neurodivergent-aware facilitators.

    Do I have to show any diagnosis of neurodivergency to attend?

    Under no circumstances do we ask for any proof of diagnosis from anyone.

    Will I get any extra information to help plan my visit?

    Yes, when you book you’ll receive a ticket with your designated arrival time. You’ll also get a pre-visit email, detailing all the activities we’re offering a few weeks in advance of the event and visual elements to help you familiarise yourselves.

    Do I need to pay for this event?

    Dawnosaurs is free to attend but a ticket is required for each individual attending.

    Do I have to leave the Museum at 10.00 when the event finishes?

    No, you don’t have to leave the Museum at 10.00 but keep in mind that the Museum will be operating as usual and therefore noise and crowd levels will significantly increase.

    Do you offer blue badge parking?

    Yes we do, but spaces are extremely limited, so contact dawnosaurs@nhm.ac.uk prior to the event to book a spot.

    Are the activities always the same?

    No, we change the activities to match a new theme for each event, but we like to keep some consistency and familiarity. You’ll receive an email a few weeks before the event detailing what to expect.

    Do I have to take part in the activities?

    No, the activities are all optional and with no additional cost.

    I can’t make it anymore, can I return my ticket?

    Yes just contact us at Dawnosaurs@Nhm.ac.uk

    Will the Dinosaur Gallery be open?

    Yes it will be.

    Will all other galleries be open?

    We’ll aim to open as much of the Museum as possible.

    Will I get access to paid exhibition spaces?

    There are some exceptions, but generally we keep our paid exhibitions closed.

    Can I get breakfast refreshments at the event?

    Yes at least one of our cafés will be open.

    Can I buy souvenirs?

    Yes, at least one shop will be open.

    Do you have disabled toilets?


    Do you offer a sensory room?