Butterflies and Wildlife Art evening

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Event type: Talk, evening event

Location: Galleries

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£9, includes a glass of wine

Book in for an exclusive art/science double-bill of talks for adults.

Making a difference for butterflies: how we can meet the challenges they face

As Butterfly Conservation celebrates 50 years, join Jim Asher, Chair of Butterfly Conservation, to explore what has changed and why butterflies matter in our landscapes.

A match above the rest: combining art and science to bring the past back to life

Artistic recreation of extinct animals and the environment they once lived has become increasingly popular, and when supported by science, can provide an unprecedented insight into past ecosystems.

Julian Hume, a Natural History Museum scientist, is a professional artist and palaeontologist specialising in illustrating and describing new, extinct animals from around the world.

Many are personal discoveries, and by combining his artistic and scientific abilities, has recreated in art species long since vanished and the environments they once lived in. 

Book in advance.

Part of the Beningfield 2018 celebrations.

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