Through the Mollusc's Eye

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Event type: Talk, meet the scientist

Location: The Attenborough Studio

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Free, no booking required

Find out how scientists are unravelling the mysteries of molluscs and seeing the world through their eyes.

Molluscs are an astonishingly diverse group of animals ranging from slugs and snails, to squid and octopuses. The variety of eyes found in different species of molluscs can illustrate how the complex structure of the eye has evolved.

Many molluscs also exhibit vibrant colours on their skin or shells - yet most are colour blind and unable to see these hues.

Find out about how molluscs can see, how they produce colourful shells and how scientists are studying this large and diverse group of animals.

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How to find the Attenborough Studio

The Attenborough Studio is in the Darwin Centre in the Orange Zone.

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