One Giant Leap

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Event type: Talk, meet the scientist

Location: Attenborough Studio

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Free, no ticket required

This year marks the fiftieth anniversary of humans stepping onto the surface of our closest cosmic neighbour.

The Apollo 11 mission, along with several others that followed, fundamentally transformed the way we see the Moon, our place in the cosmos and the boundaries of human achievement.

How much lunar rock was brought back to Earth and how has it been studied?

How have these specimens and missions deepened what we know about the Moon and are there good reasons to go back?

Join Museum space scientists Natasha Almeida and Caroline Smith, with a live link-up to Ryan Zeigler, the Apollo Sample Curator at NASA, and discover how we look after precious pieces of the Moon and what the future holds for lunar research.

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How to find the Attenborough Studio

The Attenborough Studio is in the Darwin Centre in the Orange Zone.

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