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Skeletons reveal their secrets

Bone detectives at the Museum are uncovering the secrets of life and death in London.

Museum anthropologists are analysing the bones of 740 people who lived in the city from the Neolithic to Victorian era.

The remains of bygone Londoners unearthed during building works in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries are cared for by curators at the Museum.

By scrutinising a person's bones and teeth the anthropologists can reveal details of who they were, what their life was like, and occasionally how they died.

London, a buzzing metropolis, is renowned worldwide for its cultural sights and attractions, iconic buildings and manicured green spaces, cutting-edge construction and development. 

But the capital has a hidden secret. In the not-too-distant-past it was sprawling with unsanitary, overcrowded and overflowing burial grounds and many of London’s dead still lie beneath our feet.