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Discover Antarctica in a new exhibition at Tring

A free display which explores the heroic age of Antarctic exploration has opened at the Museum at Tring.

The nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries saw a 'heroic age of Antarctic exploration', in which teams from across the globe attempted to reach the South Pole first, gathering specimens on the way.

Lord Walter Rothschild, the Museum's founder, was a potential sponsor for independent Antarctic expeditions. It is likely that explorer Ernest Shackleton received some funding for his first expedition after writing to Rothschild.

The display marks the two hundredth anniversary since the first sighting of Antarctica. Highlights include a snow petrel (Pagodroma nivea), one of three birds that exclusively breed in Antarctica, and an emperor penguin (Aptenodytes forsteri) egg as well as its replica in plaster.

Emperor penguin egg specimens.

The exhibition is on display until January 2021 and can be found in the Rothschild Room. It replaces the Queen Alexandra birdwing butterfly display.