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New exhibition Fantastic Beasts™: The Wonder of Nature to open this winter

The hotly anticipated exhibition, in partnership with Warner Bros. Consumer Products and BBC Studios Natural History Unit, will open on 9 December.

In the Museum's Waterhouse Gallery, viewers will encounter legendary beasts next to specimens and historic objects from the Museum's world-leading scientific collection. 

Spellbinding digital installations and iconic wizarding world elements from the Fantastic Beasts film series will add an extra touch of magic to the exhibition. 

Visitors will see animals including a tiger and a Galápagos marine iguana alongside wizarding world specimens such as an Erumpent horn and the dragon skull from Professor Lupin's classroom.  

They will learn about the character of Magizoologist Newt Scamander™, who made his first appearance in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Like the Museum's own scientists, Newt dedicates his life to better understanding and protecting wildlife and the environments they rely on. 

Clare Matterson CBE, Executive Director of Engagement at the Museum, says, 'We cannot wait to share this thrilling experience with our visitors. No sooner will they set foot inside that they will journey through magical realms and walk alongside some of the most fascinating creatures in the world. At the heart of this exhibition is a celebration of all the fantastic beasts we have the privilege of sharing our planet with, and the very real threats they face. Visitors will leave with a renewed love of the wonders of nature, and a revived urgency to help protect it.' 

After being introduced to the mythical creatures and some of the real animals which may have inspired their tales, visitors will familiarise themselves with the tools and techniques used by both Newt and real-world scientists before discovering fantastic beasts for themselves. 

Visitors will be able to compare the camouflage tactics of a jaguar to that of the wizarding world's Demiguise, and the mating rituals of the peacock spider to the wizarding world's Erumpent. They will also come face to face with a giant oarfish, the world's longest bony fish. This monster of the oceans is thought to be the inspiration for mythical sea serpents around the world. 

Visitors will discover that, like many of the fantastic beasts, real-world animals need our help. Taking inspiration from the stories of dedicated conservationists and scientists, and inspired by Newt's commitment to the beasts in the wizarding world, visitors will leave with a clear understanding of why it is more important than ever to care for and protect the rich biodiversity of our planet.  

New and existing Members of the Natural History Museum will have free entry throughout the exhibition. 

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